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Why you Should Care About your Email Response Rate

How can you improve your marketing efforts’ email response rate?

Do you want to increase your email engagement and obtain more direct responses? Here are six steps you may do to boost your email response rate:

1. Create trigger email campaigns

Most reliable email service providers provide the ability to automate trigger emails based on subscribers’ personal data, website activity, and customer journey.

Trigger emails are sent out on birthdays and anniversaries. And what about that stream of emails you receive when you purchase anything online—confirmations, receipts, upsells, and so on? They’re also most likely provoke emails.

Examine the YouWorkForThem email below.

YouWorkForThem email example

We are aware that there is no prompt for a direct response. This email, on the other hand, is an excellent example of a high-performing trigger email.

Did you know that automated emails get 150% greater click rates than standard broadcast marketing emails? Furthermore, welcome emails have an average open rate of about 50%.

Automation allows you to reach out to your subscribers when they are engaged or ready to act. Do you want to improve your email response rate? In a trigger email, include a call-to-action (CTA) involving a direct response.

2. Segment your email list in order to send more relevant information

To test distinct groups of subscribers, use segmentation.

Want to boost your campaign’s email response rate? Include no portions with poor engagement from prior testing. You may also exclude parts automatically depending on the content of your emails.

For instance, if the campaign involves sending out a survey to long-term customers, do not send the email to unconverted leads. What would the latter have to add to the discussion? They are unlikely to reply since the material is irrelevant to them.

Take a look at the email below from Uniqlo. Again, no evident call to action requiring a direct response—unless “GIMME” redirects users to a landing page or fresh email in order to reserve the already sold-out hoodie.

Uniqlo email example

This is an example of a buyer behavior-based email list segmentation. These communications, like email automation, are beneficial to digital marketers because to their proclivity for enhanced interaction.

More than 75% of internet users said that tailored material like this increased their shopping intent. In general, segmented marketing may increase income by 700%.

3. Create enticing email subject lines

Learning how to title emails for maximum engagement can increase your open rates and provide more space for growth in your email response rate.

You may believe that focusing on subject lines is conventional practice for digital marketers. While this is correct, it does not alter the reality that stronger email headlines may address many email marketing problems.

Consider the email below from Blue Bottle Coffee: “Keep in Touch, Smiles Davis.”

The CTA and headline are identical to the subject line’s first three words. The repetition is not subtle, but it is also not oppressive – just enough to make you want to stay in contact.

Blue Bottle Coffee email example

Our only criticism is that the CTA isn’t shown as a button, which would have made responding more appealing.

4. Write clear email content to emphasize your message

A/B testing, in addition to segmentation trial and error, may be used to experiment with multiple forms and versions of well-written email text.

Because you’re searching for more instances of direct reaction, the requirements for effective writing alter somewhat. Don’t depend too much on eye-catching images, such as video or animated material. The goal is not to amuse, but to get users to readily provide information.

Being sincere and truthful will go a long way. Don’t give your subscribers too much information. Include just what is absolutely necessary.

You may give them a discount, a special offer, free downloadable material, or anything else in exchange for their involvement in your campaign.

Here’s a wonderful Shopify survey email. Consider how simple the text is and how the only colors used are the company emblem and the CTA button.

Shopify email example

You’ll see that this is a customized email message as well. This strategy boosts conversions by 10% and click-throughs by 14%. According to over 75% of marketers, focused personalisation like this boosts overall consumer engagement.

5. Make explicit and straightforward demands

This advice goes hand-in-hand with producing text with minimal frills. If you have a request, make it the first thing you do and ask it in a forceful yet courteous way. The last thing you want is for the email to come off as excessively formal and impersonal.

Your subscribers must believe that their feedback is important. It may be worthwhile to explain to them how their reactions may effect your brand, goods, or services. If possible, have someone from your team personally respond to all direct responses.

Another survey email has arrived, this time from Airbnb. Except for the Airbnb app download links, the structure is very similar to the Shopify email above.

airbnb email example

Wrap up

An email response rate considers direct responses to your marketing communications. This KPI may be calculated by dividing the number of unique email answers received in a single campaign by the number of sent emails. Multiply the resultant quotient by 100 to obtain the rate %.

Open rates should be used to determine what your email response rate indicates for current and future initiatives. The greater your open rates, the more ambitious your email response rate standards may be.

Here are some tips for increasing your email response rate:

  • Create trigger email campaigns.
  • Create compelling email subject lines
  • Segmenting your email audience to offer superior information.
  • Create clear email copy to emphasize your message.
  • Make a precise and straightforward request.

Keep in mind that this isn’t the campaign for complex interactive material and high-resolution pictures. Above all, make it brief and straightforward to elicit more reactions.