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5 Best Educational Email Templates for Higher Ed

Did you know that more than 75% of high school students prefer to learn more about possible institutions through email?

Email is still a powerful marketing medium, and it is one of the finest methods to reach a younger audience. Email marketing is also excellent for building and sustaining relationships with alumni, teachers, and staff. Approximately 85% of individuals in the United States read and send emails on a daily basis.

Do you build and manage email marketing for higher education institutions? More than 55% of marketers, including yourself, operate with a small team of five or fewer people. Digital marketing may be challenging to handle on your own or with a small team.

Don’t worry if you’re learning as you go or don’t have a lot of experience with email marketing. We’re here to assist you in making the most of your digital marketing strategies.

The key is to find—or create—the greatest instructional email templates.

1. The scouting or first point of contact email

Through your school’s website, prospective students will fill out enquiry forms or enter their email addresses. It is often the responsibility of an email marketer to showcase the school’s benefits and get these prospects on the route to registration.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? You are not required to respond to each individual. Utilize email automation to deliver messages that are prompted by the inquiry process.

Feeling overwhelmed? You don’t need to reply to each person separately. Use email automation to send messages triggered by the inquiring process.

These letters should provide reasons why you should select your school over others. You may link to writeups regarding new facilities or courses if you have them. You may also add videos of alumni testimonials or bios of important faculty members.

You should make it simple for your email reader to visualize themselves as students at your institution. Consider including a method for scheduling campus visits. Encourage further inquiries by linking to a FAQ page.

2. The new enrollee onboarding email

Sending an email on the first day of school will make freshmen and other new students feel right at home.

This is technically not a welcome email for everyone—it is just for those who applied and were admitted without subscribing to your email list. The core, though, remains the same: it should be an introduction and the start of a connection with your subscriber.

Consider automating this as well. After all, welcome emails may increase long-term engagement by more than 30%. This form of email may help improve marketing KPIs by drastically increasing open rates and click-through rates.

University of Utah email example

It’s critical that your readers sense a genuine connection when they receive these emails. Consider include a signed personal message from a school official. Important dates and deadlines should be highlighted. To make adjusting into student life easier, including reminders and useful advice.

3. The email for current campus activities

This sort of email may be sent on a regular basis or as a one-time notice. Weekly newsletters may help larger institutions, however smaller colleges may operate email campaigns as required or opt to publish newsletters on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Special events may also be promoted via separate campaigns or one-time invites, particularly if you wish to run a contest for tickets or other rewards.

Northwood University email example

Email marketing should be used to promote anything that promotes community building and school pride, such as fundraisers, celebrations, and school excursions. Your student newsletter may also contain crucial information about general campus life issues such as sporting activities or financial assistance.

You may experiment with GIFs to provide a burst of energy and movement. You may also add photos in your email to break up long blocks of text. Remember to get permission before using student images, particularly if their faces are visible.

4. The email used to foster alumni relationships

As graduation approaches, consider executing a brief campaign to get personal contact information from new graduates. Most students will not use their school emails outside of campus, so you will need to alter your information appropriately.

Alumni are very important in an educational institution’s networking, promotional, and formal relationship endeavors. After attracting new students, your most crucial job as a school marketer is to maintain ties with alumni alive and well.

Elmhurst College email example

Fundraising emails may be the most difficult to manage among alumni exchanges, but they will not be effective on their own. The long-term approach is to establish solid foundations that will keep former students engaged and involved in what happens to their alma institution.

A separate newsletter for alumni is an excellent approach to remain in touch with them. Share information on current and previous academics and employees. Encourage students to attend school reunions. You might also run frequent efforts to generate interest in mentoring or internship opportunities.

5. The email for internal communications

For a school marketer, not all email marketing are external. Internal communications should be supported by some of your finest instructional email templates.

What is the advantage of doing this? It may seem to be an optional obligation for an email marketer.

Some organizations may have so few staff that they may simply communicate with one another through direct or group email. Because there is no in-house email platform, some may even utilize companies such as Gmail or Yahoo.

UC San Diego Email Example

When you send formal email campaigns to teachers and staff, your email marketing solution may give statistics and insights reports. You will be able to see who has and has not viewed your messages. You will be able to send a personal follow-up if the news or update is urgent.

Not all organizations will need this, but with a competent email marketing platform, adding internal communications to a digital marketer’s plate isn’t such a burden.

Wrap up

Many school marketers operate in small groups (or on their own). Even for a seasoned marketer, maintaining a successful email strategy for a diverse audience with varying requirements and interests may be overwhelming. Consider employing email templates to reduce your workload and speed up your procedure.

When utilizing email templates, you may successfully target the following segments:

  • Prospective students and applicants
  • Onboarding information for new students
  • The whole student body.
  • Alumni of various ages, from all over the world
  • Staff and faculty

The finest educational email templates can help you save time and effort while connecting with your readers in a more solid and simplified way.