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4 Creative Examples of Event Email Promotion

Email, according to marketers, is one of the greatest platforms for advertising events. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the greatest examples to help you plan your promotional approach.

This essay examines how a broad range of organizations—from software firms to festivals to hotels—are establishing event email advertising efforts.

Counting Down the Days in Synapse

Your event is taking place at that time, but your contacts are already getting your promotional email. One technique to express urgency to your potential attendees is to depict this time gap and its steady closing. This method, known as urgency marketing, has been shown to be effective.

The Segment team delivers an impressive 1-2-3 punch with this email marketing the Synapse user conference. There’s a countdown clock, a discount that expires soon, and a clear CTA that urges the reader to register as soon as possible.

Hotel Matilda: Attendees at the Hotel Matilda

Your guests are the life of the party. You can’t have an event without them, and meeting other attendees is one of the key reasons people attend events in the first place.

Hotel Matilda is a small hotel recognized for its tastefully constructed confines. These limitations also happen to form an excellent event setting. The hotel recently supported SMART + Design, a visionary arts event. The Matilda team develops FOMO and anticipation for the event with this promotional email that features delighted guests from previous Hotel Matilda events.

Hotel Matilda Email Marketing

Livefront: Keeping it Plain Simple

There’s a reason why A, B, C is as simple as 1, 2, 3. According to research, list-style information has a quasi-magical impact on readers that makes them feel wonderful. List-style content also makes marketers happy since it is so successful at increasing click-through rates, among other metrics.

The mobile app and design business Livefront makes excellent use of a list in this email marketing an augmented reality and demo open house. Livefront provides a compelling explanation for why a contact should attend their event in a 1, 2, 3 flourish. And everything revolves around bubbles.

Livefront Email Marketing - event email promotion
SoHo House: Going Big on Images

Pictures are not just worth a thousand words; they are also associated with improved marketing results. People are more inclined to share photos than ordinary text from the internet.

Soho Residence is more of a network of dwellings than a house. It is a private, members-only club for those working in the creative sectors. They decided to go all-in on an image for the launch of one of their residences in New York City. This seems to violate several email design principles—there is no clear CTA and very little contextual information. However, the picture is so colorful and well-organized that it screams to be scrolled over and clicked on by readers.

examples of promotional emails


We examined a wide range of emails from various sectors. We’ve seen instances of vibrant design, data-driven writing, and straightforward message. Keep the following in mind as you plan your next event’s email advertising strategy:

  • Countdown clocks and time-sensitive material may be used to create urgency.
  • Consider demonstrating the expense of your conference to persuade a reader to persuade their employer.
  • Make a link to what readers will have access to at an event, whether it’s people, information, or the opportunity to make a difference.
  • Organize your event’s value props in simple sorted lists to emphasize the importance of your event.
  • Consider a strong image-centric design.