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Improve Your Email Campaigns With These 4 Best Practices

You understand how aggravating it is when consumers do not interact with your brand. You work hard to develop your marketing, but not enough people are paying attention.

Everyone has been there. So, what are you going to do?

If your email campaigns are underperforming, or if you’re concentrating your efforts on other types of marketing, it may be time to take a step back and evaluate email marketing best practices.

Tell tales to increase click-throughs

Storytelling is one of the oldest ideas in direct response sales, and some could say that you can’t sell your items if you can’t tell a decent narrative.

Every day, we interact with one another via emotive tales, and using the same strategy to your email marketing may be quite beneficial.

Here’s a BarkBox example:

BarkBox – Email Campaign - Storytelling

Increase your earnings by selling your goods without selling it

Because narrative is so crucial, consider combining it with CTAs. These CTAs don’t always have to send your subscribers to a purchase page.

Instead, by referring to a blog or resource, they might introduce your subscriber to the sales funnel.

The bottom of your email is an excellent location to accomplish this.

You may simply include a soft CTA into your material, providing subscribers with instructional value rather than a sales pitch.

Consider this Trello example:

improving email campaigns

Avoid the Promotions tab in Gmail to have your emails opened and read

Gmail began employing tabs to separate promotional emails from ordinary emails in its users’ inboxes a few years ago.

Gmail – Emails under Primary Tab

Emails filtered to the Promotional page are simpler to ignore, which is why we want them to be moved back to the Primary tab.

Gmail looks at the content of your email, such as the quantity of links, photos, if you use “spammy” phrases like free, MLM, low risk, urgent, winner, and prior interaction with your emails, when screening emails.

As previously said, you may experiment with the quantity of links and pictures you use to determine whether they are all essential.

Receiving answers is also a wonderful method to show Gmail that, yes, people do want to read your emails.

Again, you may simply solicit comments from your subscribers or consumers. Also, keep feedback simple. They should be able to react to your email or perhaps participate with the message directly via a survey or poll.

This is best done in your welcome email, where you’ve previously established expectations.

If you don’t want to solicit comments, you may include a short statement instructing recipients to add your email address to their address book, guaranteeing they get your newsletter on a regular basis.


When it comes to email marketing, there is seldom a single straightforward answer.

It’s all about experimenting with various strategies and determining what works best for your company.

Utilize these email marketing best practices to determine what works best for your company. Optimize your email marketing efforts to improve your email marketing campaigns.