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4 Ways to Maximize Your Holiday Email Marketing in 2021

It doesn’t take a marketing expert to know how profitable the Christmas season can be for businesses, or how vital holiday email marketing campaigns are to bringing in income this time of year.

Anyone with an email account—which is pretty much everyone—knows to anticipate an onslaught of holiday-themed emails chock-full of enough deals and incentives to keep your shopping season bright and cheerful.

Make your emails mobile-friendly

Digital marketers are well aware that an increasing number of individuals are reading their emails on mobile devices. But did you know that more people check their email on mobile devices than on desktop computers?

Trouva’s Christmas gift recommendation email is jam-packed with mobile-optimized email best practices: the photos are well-organized and simple to consume, the writing is concise and attracts the reader’s attention to the CTA, and the title is large and strong. All of this contributes to an easy-to-digest email, particularly on a mobile device.

trouva holiday email

Provide fast purchasing choices

According to data, mobile devices accounted for 46% of all online purchases made on Thanksgiving Day 2017. Furthermore, Christmas Day saw the greatest increase in mobile purchasing, with mobile devices accounting for 50% of all online orders. This indicates that most people are not only reading their emails on their mobile devices, but they are also surfing websites and shopping on them.

Including a “Buy Now” or “Reserve Mine Now” CTA not only encourages your subscribers to convert, but it also simplifies the process and removes hurdles that may be impeding their purchase, which is particularly important when your CTAs are geared to improve conversions.

The Ancient Nutrition team’s email does an excellent job of letting its subscribers to add a new, seasonal item right to their basket. They also underline the product’s limited availability, pushing members to act quickly:

ancient nutrition holiday email

Scarcity should be emphasized

FOMO, or the fear of missing out, is a potent incentive for persuading prospects who are undecided about purchasing.

Emphasizing the scarcity of your product—or, conversely, the scarcity of the deal you’re offering—will encourage your subscribers to convert to paying customers.

It is not intended to deceive your subscribers by emphasizing scarcity. It’s more about providing people a cause to quit delaying and act right now.

Remember that one of the reasons email marketing is so effective is that it allows you to establish relationships with your subscribers, and any strong connection must be built on trust. Don’t tell your consumers they’re out of time if they’re not. Emphasizing scarcity too often or too strongly might seem salesy, which no one likes.

Modernica’s email alerts its readers that they are running out of time:

modernica holiday email

Offers and incentives should be included

Including offers, discounts, and incentives in your emails is a tried and tested way for increasing sales, and the Christmas season is no exception. Offering a terrific bargain, especially at a period when consumers expect to spend money, can endear your brand to customers and drive them to spend more than normal. This is also an excellent retention strategy.

Casper’s email includes a holiday-themed offer that is guaranteed to pique the interest of their subscribers. A fantastic subject line links their whole marketing and product together: “This Black Friday, pick sleep.”

casper holiday email

Wrap up

Don’t lose out on the opportunity to convert new consumers and extend your audience at the most delightful season of the year. However, don’t concentrate simply on money and lose out on the chance to thank your loyal subscribers.

After all, 80% of retail experts think email marketing is their top driver of client retention. The hectic Christmas season provides a chance for your firm to demonstrate the many ways your content can bring value to the lives of your customers, whether via incentives and offers, special discounts, or material that says thank you.

Follow these seven holiday email techniques to boost your next holiday-themed promotion and have your most joyous email marketing campaigns ever.