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4 Reasons Your Email List is a Valuable Marketing Tool

The area of marketing is a demanding one, and marketers are charged with obstacles that seem to be impossible to overcome, such as capturing attention spans that are becoming shorter and expanding numbers week after week.

Continue reading to find out how your email list can be a strong and profitable marketing tool in four different ways.

Constantly using segmentation

People in today’s society are becoming more knowledgeable about the strategies used by marketers on a regular basis. To put it another way, individuals are perceptive enough to recognize when they are being persuaded to purchase something. Because of this, it might be a difficult challenge for marketers to solve, particularly considering that everyone expects a highly individualized experience.

The segmentation of the market is the answer to this (very real) challenge. The method of segmenting your audience is dividing them up into more manageable groupings using the information that you know about them.

You have most likely used comparable personalisation tools on social media platforms such as Facebook Ads Manager; but, the technology is still cumbersome and may be rather expensive.

The distinct advantage of email marketing is the level of granularity that may be achieved with regard to segmentation. You may, for instance, choose to segment your email list in a number of different ways, merely depending on the manner in which members engage with the things you provide. You can optimize your email marketing in ways that are difficult, if not impossible, to do with other kinds of marketing by using all of these company-specific data points to establish a deep knowledge of your subscribers and using that understanding to target them more effectively.

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The component of unexpectedness

You also have access to a number of other powerful resources, one of the most important of which being the element of surprise. Email marketing is a tried-and-true marketing method, as was just described. Because of this, a lot of businesses don’t take use of all the perks it offers. You have a fantastic chance to surprise and enthrall your audience by providing them with material that is both new and original since other businesses aren’t capitalizing on email.

Take a look at this illustration that was found on Pinterest:

This segmented email example from Pinterest shows recommendations based on customer behavior, which is a great example of email list marketing.

Receiving a highly segmented, beautifully written, and expertly crafted email could instantly convince a customer to move through your sales funnel. For example, if a customer is used to receiving boring transactional emails and irrelevant promotional messaging, receiving a highly segmented, beautifully written, and expertly crafted email could change that. After all, you want to provide a wonderful experience for your readers so that they are compelled to take the next step.

The capacity to cultivate and maintain connections

The incapacity of modern marketing strategies to instill a sense of confidence in consumers is perhaps the most obvious drawback associated with these methods.

You could also send an email after the birthday, similar to what Sephora does:

When doing email list marketing, you might even send an after-birthday email like this post-birthday email example from Sephora.

A smaller, more efficient data collection

You are compelled to convey the same message to large groups of individuals while engaging in some types of marketing. When you use email marketing, on the other hand, you are communicating with a list of individuals who have previously engaged in conversation with you and have chosen to keep in contact with you freely.

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It’s possible that marketing directly to customers who are already interested in and loyal to your brand will be more effective than spending a lot of money to sell to hundreds or thousands of individuals who aren’t interested in what you have to offer.


In general, the email list is a resource that is underutilized. Because of its straightforward nature, it attracts less attention than other types of marketing yet often achieves greater levels of success. We hope that by the time you’ve finished reading these four ideas, you’ll have a new perspective on the importance of email marketing.