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4 Steps To Take Before Sending Your First Promo Email

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last ten years, it’s probable that you are (at least vaguely) aware of the idea that if you want your company to be successful, you need to engage in email marketing. If you haven’t, it’s time to get with the program.

The following is a list of the four tasks that need to be completed before the first promotional email may be sent from your inbox:

Both the content and the setting

Before you go ahead and send the actual email, you are going to need to make a decision on the following:

  • A subject: A point of discussion: be careful to A/B test your subject lines and switch them up sometimes. You may begin by saying anything like [10% discount inside—get yours on time!] as an example. This kind of topic makes it easy for the reader to understand what it is that you are providing, yet it still compels them to open the email (and see until what date the discount is valid). Put together a list of potential topics to cover in each section, then evaluate them one by one as time goes on.
  • Content: modify the tone of the email so that it speaks directly to the person who will be reading it. Include as many individualized pictures in it as you possibly can. Like so:
This is a promo email from Colourpop displaying several options to click. Consider using this style in your first promo email.

Make subscription simple and worthwhile for them to do

It won’t always be easy to convince individuals to join your mailing list and subscribe to your emails. You may use pop-ups, sponsored advertisements, call-to-action buttons, or you could provide gated material that requires users to join up in order to access it.

However, if you make users feel that they have to offer an email address in order to get anything, the likelihood that they will unsubscribe once they have obtained what they want is significantly increased.

Because of this, it is imperative that you give them the impression that they are members of a prestigious organization.

Give your email subscribers exclusive discounts and offers, discounts that are only available to email subscribers, personalized recommendations, individualized shopping guides, additional information on your products, and anything else that you don’t provide on your website but that might encourage someone to remain a member of the club.

Offer email-only discounts, email-only offers, personalized recommendations, tailor-made shopping guides, additional information on your products—anything that you don’t offer on the website, but that can make someone want to stay a member of the club.
Offer email-only discounts, email-only offers, personalized recommendations, and tailor-made shopping guides on your first promo email.

Compose valuable instructions and articles that you will only share with your email subscribers and deliver to them exclusively. If they are not interested in the topic, recipients of an email will not read it. It’s possible that they’ll continue to subscribe, but that’s not the point.

Make use of communication methods outside than email

In addition to marketing your email list via email, you should also consider marketing it through other channels. Include links to subscribe in the body of blog entries you create for others in the business, as well as connections to social media blasts and YouTube videos, in the last paragraphs of those posts.

Thank you for joining the BUFFS beta list!

Participate actively in online groups and discussion boards frequented by members of your target audience. Start a blog on Medium, which is a good content marketing strategy in its own right, and promote your newsletter (or whatever you’d want to name it) there as well. Medium is a great platform for both of these things.

Naturally, this strategy will perform better in some fields of company, so before you start truly implementing it, you should investigate how practical it may be and see whether it fits your needs.

Lend a hand to those in need

Last but not least, how about we discuss a little bit about cross-promotion?

If you can locate a business that is complimentary to yours—that is, one that is not your direct rival in any manner—then it will not be difficult for the two of you to collaborate in some way. Because you sell shoes and they sell socks, a collaboration between the two of you makes perfect sense.

For Days, For You

Not only can you use each other’s lists (not in the sense of taking their list and sending all of the emails, but by having them promote you through their own list), but you can also learn a lot about the strategies that have worked well for them and attempt to adopt some of those strategies yourself. You can use each other’s lists (not in the sense of taking their list and sending all of the emails).

As fresh leads begin to come in, it is probable that you will also become aware of new target audiences that you haven’t considered in the past but who are highly interested in joining as well.


Let’s recap: It is essential to have an email subscriber list. Equally crucial are the processes of segmenting and customizing the data.

When it comes to marketing strategies, the amount of research and preparation work that is put in should directly correlate to the quality of the results that are produced. Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket just because there are a lot of them; quality matters just as much. Send your initial promotional email right away; it will be the first of many more to come.