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How to Create an Email Newsletter Subscribers Want to Read

Perhaps you currently deliver an email newsletter or are considering launching one. In any case, email newsletters are an excellent approach to engage with prospects and consumers on a regular basis.

A newsletter is a combination of news, how-tos, and suggestions, but it must always benefit your readers in some manner.

Even while we have excellent intentions as marketers, email newsletters are often loaded with useless news, old material, and misleading message.

We’ll share concrete strategies for generating email newsletters that subscribers want to read, ones that will help you raise engagement rates and keep unsubscribes at bay in this article.

Why are email newsletters used?

Email newsletters may help attract potential consumers, strengthen connections with current clients, and grow your brand over time.

While subscribers may follow your firm on social media, it has been proved that 90% prefer to get email newsletters, while just 10% seek Facebook updates. Not only that, but an email campaign is six times more likely to result in a click-through than a tweet. When it comes to recruiting new customers, email is forty times more successful than social media.

Email newsletters that are really opened

It’s one thing to discuss the basics of a strong email newsletter; it’s quite another to present real-life examples, so keep reading for four to learn from.


This sports apparel company’s email marketing is as fashionable as their gear. When you first open their email newsletter, you’re confronted with something that almost every reader appreciates: variety.

There’s a lot to look at. They begin with pictures and product lists, showcasing what they have to offer. A bit further down, you’ll find a link to courses that are related to living an active, healthy lifestyle. REI provides everything you need in a newsletter subscription email by combining graphics, various product lists, and calls to action.

There’s plenty to check out. They open up with imagery and product listings, giving you a sample of what they have to offer.

Why are people reading it:

Presentation variety. The aforementioned diversity provides something for every sort of reader. There are other product categories connected, and the class link below assures that the email isn’t only about sales.

The design is simple yet appealing. The email’s unusual appearance is welcoming but not too so. The email seems balanced while maintaining focused on its particular area due to the unusual blend of colors, graphics, and text.

Product Search

Product Hunt offers daily savings on software goods, but it all started with an email list. Their email newsletter now has over 70,000 subscribers. “Part of the attraction of Product Hunt emails for me is their minimalist approach, both in platform structure and in emails,” says Selim Nehdi, Partnerships Manager for MassChallenge UK. “The newsletter is clear, simple to read, and to the point.” I can summarize any product in three seconds or less.”

“The newsletter are clean, easy to skim, and straight to the point. I can get the gist of any given product in three seconds or less.”

Why are people reading it?

Short, succinct, and simple to scan. Product Hunt’s newsletters are short and sweet, making them simple to skim.

Expectations are well established. Many Product Hunt subscribers say they are “hooked” to the newsletter. This is due to the fact that customers are receiving precisely what they signed up for: amazing everyday bargains on software goods.


BuzzFeed offers a number of newsletters, but their food newsletter is very popular. The BuzzFeed Food email is often opened because it contains stunning photographs, seasonal content, and healthy suggestions.

BuzzFeed email newsletter

Why are people reading it:

Compelling images. It’s tough not to click when a subscriber reads a BuzzFeed Food email and sees a beautiful dish they may create for an upcoming supper.

A emphasis on high-quality information. BuzzFeed’s success stems from its staff’s ability to regularly provide material that people want to read. The authors and marketers understand how to communicate with their target demographic, and the newsletter shows that.

Hyper-targeted. BuzzFeed provides a plethora of material ranging from food to style, news, and literature, but the food email is hyper-targeted to individuals who want recipes and have opted in to food-related content.


Reddit is notorious for curating information, and their newsletter is no different. Reddit’s newsletter claims to select, package, and send information to subscribers’ inboxes once a week.

Reddit email example

Why are people reading it:

The cream of the crop. Reddit is a fantastic site consisting of all kinds of user-generated material, but it’s so large that it might be difficult to discover what you’re looking for. This weekly email newsletter curates material so that subscribers only get the best of the best.

Short and to the point. Reddit’s marketing staff could fill email after newsletter with so much material. Instead, they keep their newsletter brief and to the point so that their readers may quickly skim it and click on the information that most interests them.

Austin Kleon

It’s frequently suggested that the greatest way to boost email newsletter subscriptions is to educate rather than advertise. Promotion is something that certain businesses must do. Others, on the other hand, choose to adopt the opposite strategy. If they do provide a product or service, it is an afterthought. They provide insight and information to their users’ inboxes.

This message begins with an eye-catching photograph just under the headline text, which is likewise nicely constructed. The message is delivered in an unusual way, and the follow-up is a well structured numbered list. A simple call to action is offered at the bottom in the shape of a lovely visual with a pertinent phrase. It strikes the right balance, and it is this equilibrium that keeps you hooked.

This newsletter opens up with a catchy image right below the title text, which is also cleverly designed.

Why are people reading it:

It catches their attention. The brilliant use of imagery quickly piques readers’ interest, successfully tempting them to keep reading.

The format is ideal. This message has a style that keeps readers reading, from the use of images at the front and finish to the neatly numbered list in the center. Subscribers believe they can easily comprehend all of the material contained therein.


This is an example of a newsletter from a popular content publisher. If you want to boost email signups and keep current readers, your material should be short and to the point. People who sign up to get a newsletter subscription email from Yelp understand what they’re receiving, which is a good thing.

You get a great format that nearly seems like a website. Users of Yelp will feel right at home. The place evaluations are chosen with a theme in mind, so that each newsletter provides consistency while still providing variation.

You get a nice format in that it looks almost like a webpage. Yelp users will feel right at home. The location reviews are selected with a theme, so each newsletter brings cohesion yet variety.

Why are people reading it:

A well-known format. Users who read the email will feel as though they are reading reviews directly from Yelp’s website.

Convenience: Not only is receiving evaluations delivered directly to your email easy, but it’s also a terrific way to learn about the most fascinating places available.


Your clients are eager to hear from you. 70% of consumers subscribe to emails from their favorite businesses. It’s your duty to deliver after they’ve subscribed, designing email newsletters that excite, please, and eventually produce ROI.