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Why Email Should Be the Cornerstone of Your Digital Marketing Strategy

The whole planet seems to be online. Everyone in today’s society uses digital channels for communication, education, entertainment, and commerce. The internet world has become an essential component of daily life.

According to Pew Research, 84% of Americans use the internet; in specific age groups, such as younger generations, internet use is significantly higher. It is projected that use would increase in the next years.

Given our reliance on technology, it’s hardly surprise that marketers are spending heavily in digital techniques. According to Forrester, an estimated $146 million would be spent on digital marketing by 2021.

To be effective in digital marketing, you must first develop a plan. With thousands of platforms and technologies at their disposal, marketers must find out how to connect various marketing activities to develop an effective digital strategy that generates income.

While techniques may differ, one thing is certain: email marketing should be the foundation of any digital campaign. Before we get into why email marketing is such an important part of a digital strategy, let’s take a look at what other types of marketing initiatives add to an online marketing strategy.

A digital strategy’s marketing methods

A digital marketing strategy’s purpose is to raise brand recognition, attract new consumers, retain current customers, and boost revenue.

  • Paid and organic search. Organic SEO tactics and sponsored search initiatives may assist clients in finding your website and goods. You may generate organic content for your website and blog that people may search for and combine that effort with paid search advertisements to lure customers back to your site.
  • Digital marketing. You’ll most likely use digital advertising to entice consumers. Investing in Google or Facebook advertisements, for example, is an excellent method to increase the size of your sales funnel.
  • Online gatherings. Hosting online events such as webinars not only helps you create credibility, but it also serves as an excellent data collecting tool. Ask clients for information such as their email address, job title, and location when they sign up.

All of these strategies may be utilized to raise brand recognition, target new consumers, generate new leads, and ultimately improve income for your company.

What is the benefit of email?

While each of these marketing strategies has merits, if we had to select one to concentrate on right now, it would be email marketing. Why? Because email is the king of content, with an unrivaled ROI when compared to other digital marketing platforms.

During a recent survey, we asked small companies which channels they utilized the most, and email marketing came in second, behind only Facebook.

During recent research, we even asked small businesses which channels they used the most, and email marketing came in at second place, only topped by Facebook.

While small companies claim to utilize Facebook as their major marketing channel, studies have shown that when it comes to getting marketing materials, customers prefer email marketing over Facebook marketing, which is reflected in total consumer engagement:

  • Email has been demonstrated to be 40 times more successful than Facebook or Twitter in recruiting new clients. – McKinsey & Company
  • When compared to social media marketing, direct mail, and others, email marketing has the greatest conversion rate at 66%. – DMA
  • An email communication is 5 times more likely to be viewed than a Facebook message or post. – Radicati
  • 72% of individuals prefer promotional information through email, while 17% prefer social media outlets such as Facebook. – MarketingSherpa

Why is email marketing important in digital strategy?

Email marketing is often considered as the most important contribution to a successful digital strategy among all marketing tactics listed. This is why.

Email has an unrivaled ROI

Marketers choose email marketing because it is both effective and cost-effective. According to research, email marketing yields $38 for every $1 invested, with some organizations seeing a ROI of up to $76 for every $1 spent.

Email connects all of your marketing strategies

Email may be used to promote every marketing effort you undertake. Are you working on blog content? Share it with your email list. Are you planning to hold a social media contest? With an email invitation, invite subscribers to join. Do you want to increase traffic to your website? Send a product email to subscribers, followed by a sponsored search retargeting ad. As you can see, regardless of the kind of marketing you perform, email is at the heart of it.

Email reaches out to more people than social media

The usage of social media is increasing. There is no doubt about that. However, it is still not outpacing email usage. More people use email and depend on it every day to communicate. OptinMonster gives research to support this:


Email communications last longer than social media updates

Email is a reliable and long-lasting method of communicating with subscribers. You can reach subscribers with a Facebook meme or a tweet, but social postings have a short lifetime. According to Moz, the average lifetime of a tweet is 18 minutes. Your tweet is only visible for a few minutes before disappearing into the newsfeed abyss, never to be discovered again. An email is not like that. It is prominently displayed in an inbox and is simple to remember.

Email allows you to deliver personalized communications to both new and current consumers

Email automation advancements have made it simpler than ever for marketers to customise their communications. Personalization extends well beyond just include a subscriber’s name in the subject line. You can now segment emails, generate personalized messages, update content dynamically depending on subscriber choices, and incorporate additional personal information such as work titles and locations.

This kind of targeted marketing is the most effective strategy to acquire new clients while delighting current ones. Knowing your consumer and offering relevant messaging has become the gold standard for a successful marketer.

What you’ll need to get started with email marketing

Fortunately, there are plenty of email marketing solutions available to help you with your digital strategy. Here are a few resources to look into:

Data collecting and email

Make it possible for consumers to join your email list in a variety of ways. Include a registration form on your website, and think about including popups that gather contact information as well. You may also restrict access to content. Customers must enter personal information such as their work title, location, and email address in order to receive access to the material.

email welcome series example - Campaign Monitor
email engagement example - Campaign Monitor


A sound digital strategy may assist companies in driving website traffic, increasing brand recognition, and increasing sales. To be successful, you’ll need to use a variety of marketing techniques. You’ll need to develop blog material, interact with consumers on social media, and target prospects with online advertisements. Email marketing, on the other hand, will surely be the glue that ties your digital strategy together.