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5 of the Best Productivity Hacks for Digital Marketers

The email newsletter is one of the greatest ways to promote your blog. This allows you to create authority and trust with your audience while also giving high-quality material that they want to read.

What do you have to lose?

Let’s go through some ideas and pointers for combining the two channels into one digital marketing powerhouse.

Choose a suitable format

Most industry-leading email service providers have stunning templates that you may change to fit your requirements. Before you begin utilizing email to promote your blog content, choose a format that is appropriate for your business and subscribers.

Should you choose a range of blogs divided into various categories? Perhaps you lack the resources to write hundreds of articles each week. In such instance, promoting a single blog article could be the best option.

This email from ezTaxReturn employs a structure that compiles links to a variety of interesting and relevant blog topics. Extra points for the ICYMI section.

Spend money on high-quality graphics

It is not necessary to employ a professional photographer for each blog in an email newsletter. Stock pictures and bespoke graphics with some clever branding can suffice in many circumstances.

The goal is to pique your readers’ curiosity with something eye-catching and concise. You’ve spent a lot of time writing and creating your blog and email newsletter—make sure the picture you chose represents what’s within.

Furthermore, high-quality visuals with some branding, such as colored frames or a logo, can assist create brand authority when people read your content—even if they don’t visit your site.

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Strategize using various themes

This is a great stage since it’s time to be creative. Create a list of content ideas for various email newsletters.

If you own a business that sells kitchen equipment, for example, November and December are ideal months to publish a series of blog entries with holiday recipes, cleaning ideas, and stress-management advice.

This Kid & Coe newsletter is intended to feature blog pieces on different places in a best-of manner. It also has high-quality images that demand to be clicked.

Choose handpicked material with care

You’re probably already overburdened as a marketer. You don’t have the resources to produce many blog entries every day unless you work for a large corporation.

That’s just fine. Take advantage of this chance to offer handpicked content with your subscribers.

An email newsletter should include material from numerous sources rather than just your blog (as appropriate).

Create a strategy. Find additional industry professionals with whom you’d want to connect and share their writing along with a brief profile. Find material that addresses the concerns of your target audience.

Sharing material from places other than your own website demonstrates that you are interested in the business and assisting others rather than marketing yourself.

Pinterest totally owns the game when it comes to customized and curated email content. They send you many emails every week with relevant material depending on your app use.

Take charge of your own schedule

Allowing others to book your appointments, organize meetings, and plan specific tasks for you may seem pleasant, but is this loss of control over your own calendar generating unproductive working patterns?

Outsiders may think that the spare time you have on a Tuesday morning is excellent for them to plan a long meeting, but you may need that time to complete an essential assignment.

Instead than keeping your calendar open to your coworkers, set up certain hours for yourself to get things done. This manner, you can assure that no meetings disrupt your flow.

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Breaking down your productivity into tiny parts can help you get started on making those all-important scheduling changes. Begin with one productivity trick at a time and see how it goes. Too many changes to your schedule at once might be confusing and cause you to return to your old, inefficient routines. When you’ve mastered one hack, try another until you’ve reached peak efficiency.

Soon, you’ll have built a productivity-boosting regimen that will see you not just getting more work done but also performing better.