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How Effective Is Influencer Marketing?

You undoubtedly had an inkling that social media might transform the way you spent your time, talked with others, and received breaking news items when you first made your Facebook page, allocated your Myspace top 8, wrote your first tweet, or posted your Instagram square.

And, despite the fact that the emergence of influencer marketing came almost suddenly, it seems normal, as if we’ve never known a world without it. To take it a step further, you may not even know you’ve been a target of influencer marketing, which might be the most effective aspect of this sort of marketing.

We’ll look at what influencer marketing is, how successful it can be, and what you can do to reap the rewards for your own company in this post.

What exactly is influencer marketing?

Rather than concentrating on the marketing channel or target audience, such as email, social media, sponsored search, or print advertising, influencer marketing focuses on the individuals who might possibly persuade their following to become new consumers of a certain product or brand.

DIFF philanthropic eyewear is well-known for using Instagram influencers to their advantage. DIFF’s social media presence is mostly filled with photographs handpicked from the accounts of influencers-turned-customers who evaluate their product in return for some form of compensation, ranging from current Bachelor stars to pageant competitors and fashion bloggers. Often, the perk is free stuff, VIP treatment, or monetary remuneration.

influencer marketing from Diffeyewear

Former Bachelor contestant JoJo Fletcher shared her favorite hair tools on Instagram. She presently has 2.2 million followers, putting her in the category of macro influencer.

Instagram post by former Bachelor contestant JoJo Fletcher, who is a macro influencer, on her favorite hair tools.

Michael Jordan for Nike is one of the most well-known instances of influencer marketing. Here’s an example of influencer marketing in action in an email marketing campaign for Air Jordans, which are named after the basketball star himself:

influencer marketing at work in an email marketing campaign for Air Jordans, named after the basketball player himself

Is influencer marketing a suitable fit for my business?

Overall, the influencer marketing notion is worthwhile for most firms to explore, but how you do it is all up to you. Unlike most paid advertising tactics, the formulae for success are not straightforward, and the input and output for each business might vary substantially.

For example, you’re not always dealing with a certain sum of money: Influence and goods have now evolved into their own types of money. Create a plan that casts a broad net of prospective influencers and zeroes in on the individuals you want to promote your brand to new consumers. Make certain that the influencers you deal with share your brand’s values. Of course, humans are more untrustworthy than sponsored advertising you create yourself, but that’s the price you pay for unvarnished honesty.


As you can see, influencer marketing isn’t simply for major firms with links to famous people. Even if you’re a small-business owner or believe your field lacks well-known thought leaders, it’s well worth the additional study and time to investigate.

Moreover, regardless of your influencer alliance status, integrity and authenticity should be the centerpiece of your marketing approach, regardless of brand, industry, or platform.