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5 Digital Marketing Best Practices for 2022

Marketers worldwide are studying and preparing for the new year now that it has here. From technological advances to new norms and regulations, digital marketing 2022 promises to be a fascinating year.

It might be tough to determine where to focus your attention first when there is so much to look forward to. Our is why we created this 2022 digital marketing best practices guide.

1. Unavoidable rules and regulations

Marketers were outraged by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in both 2018 and 2019. While the GDPR proved to be much less frightening than anticipated, it did force businesses to reconsider their digital marketing best practices.

Refresh your understanding of current laws and regulations, such as the GDPR and CAN-SPAM, this year. You and your staff should also take the time to learn about new laws and regulations, such as the ones listed below.

Consumer Privacy Act of California (CCPA)

The CCPA took effect on January 1. While this new rule mainly impacts California enterprises, it will also apply to everyone who conducts business with California residents. In a nutshell, the CCPA outlines five fundamental rights:

CCPA screenshot

There has also been considerable controversy around this rule, however it is claimed that those most impacted by this new regulation “make the selling of data a central element of their company.”

However, for the average marketer, there’s really nothing to worry about, particularly if you’re already adhering to existing CAN-SPAM and GDPR guidelines and regulations.

2. Why is inclusive web and email design essential?

Accessibility and the necessity of inclusive site and email design is another hot subject in the digital marketing 2022 conversation.

As more firms use the internet to offer their content and other wares, their consumer base will grow. The issue here is that an increasing number of people with visual and hearing disabilities are having difficulty obtaining goods and services online. This may lead to ADA litigation, which can cost brands hundreds (if not millions) of dollars in fines and other penalties.

It is easy to ensure that your website and email advertising are inclusive and ADA compliant. You may include movies, utilize different colors for the visually impaired, or give text options/subtitles for the deaf (HOH).

Platforma 2 example

3. Artificial intelligence year (AI)

Marketers have been discussing AI for some time, and it is increasingly becoming something they want (although it once caused hysteria among content creators).

Why? Because AI may assist to simplify daily tasks. Not only may it aid in workplace automation, but it can also be used in areas such as:

  • E-commerce transactions
  • Fundamental communication (i.e. social media chatbots)
  • Predictive analysis
  • Content creation
  • Product suggestions
AI examples

Upcoming marketing strategies

As a professional marketer, you are aware that the phrase “marketing” refers to a broad range of activities. There are various up-and-coming marketing tactics in 2022 that you and your team should be aware of when it comes to digital marketing.

Marketing via conversation

Consumers in the digital world want rapid satisfaction. They want things immediately, whether it’s obtaining services or having their questions addressed. Consumers now expect someone to be ready to answer their questions at the drop of a hat, thanks to developments in live chat and chatbots.

This is where conversational marketing comes in.

Conversational marketing not only gives customers an immediate connection, but it also allows you to communicate with your customer base. This improves client interactions and allows you to gather more important data.

The key to this kind of marketing is the same as it is for other inbound marketing methods: provide meaningful information to your customers at their speed.

The Freddy Freshbot chatbot is an example of conversational marketing. Freddy is the friendly chatbot from the HelloFresh subscription meal service. Freddy is accessible through Facebook’s messaging service, and he offers customers:

  • Customer care
  • Recipe suggestions
  • Reminders for meals
  • A list of commonly asked questions
HelloFresh email example

This chatbot assists HelloFresh in providing excellent customer care while gathering information (which, in the long run, helps HelloFresh provide a better experience for all).

Marketing across several channels

You’ve undoubtedly heard about omnichannel marketing, and if you haven’t begun using it yet, you should.

In 2022, digital marketing entails upping your omnichannel marketing game, which isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Here’s the lowdown on omnichannel marketing for people who aren’t sure what it is.

Omnichannel marketing is the technique of leveraging various marketing channels to give a consistent experience for all consumers, regardless of channel or device. The idea is to bring together the capabilities of all of your communication channels in order to offer a more consistent, effective brand message and a more coherent user experience.

Starbucks’ loyalty rewards program is a great example of an omnichannel marketing approach.

Omnichannel Marketing Strategy example

While the rewards program is mostly managed via the brand’s mobile app, clients may fund their accounts in a variety of ways:

  • Their cell phone
  • The internet site
  • In-store

This method guarantees that clients can access their rewards and manage their accounts from wherever, resulting in an amazing user experience.

5. Voice recognition

Voice search was a huge thing in 2018, but it hasn’t seen in many marketing efforts since. Your 2022 digital marketing plan should incorporate voice search, it seems.

With more individuals turning to their smartphones to seek Google or Siri for assistance, this should come as no surprise: When questioned, over 70% of people indicated they use voice search at least once a week, with another 27% stating they use it once to three times each day.

Path Interactive example

Including voice search in your approach is not difficult. Begin with these suggestions:

  • In your material, use natural-sounding language. Know your consumers and the language they use on a daily basis.
  • Long-tail keywords should be targeted. These are excellent for typical terms used by customers to investigate topics/products.
  • Answer frequently asked questions succinctly.
  • Make your search engine optimization (SEO) strategies more local. This is useful for “near me” searches.

Wrap Up

It might be tough to predict what will happen in digital marketing in 2022. However, you may refresh your present plan by reviewing our list of digital marketing best practices.

We also discussed a few important changes that will take place this year, which include:

  • Consumer privacy and security standards and regulations have been updated.
  • Web design that is inclusive in order to promote accessibility for everyone
  • AI’s Ascension
  • Future marketing strategies
  • Voice search is becoming more popular.