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5 Ways to Send Customer Appreciation Emails (And Why You Should)

Marketers often neglect customer gratitude emails.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to run engaging email campaigns that result in improved performance metrics, more conversions, and more revenue. However, good marketing entails more than simply increasing numbers.

Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect in every successful email marketing. As a result, make others feel valued.

Let’s look at why expressing thanks is important in email marketing—and when it’s okay to do so.

We can assist you with this. The following are four strategies for incorporating high-profile gratitude emails into your marketing initiatives.

1. Following a subscriber’s opt-in

On average, welcome emails have a 50% open rate. New subscribers are often eager to hear from you, so make that initial communication count.

Waymo welcome email example

Begin with a simple thank you, like Waymo did in the preceding example. A welcome email campaign typically guides subscribers through an onboarding process, but there’s no reason you can’t include a sincere expression of thanks as well.

Don’t put it off too long. You should utilize automation to distribute it, so have it ready to go when someone opts in.

2. Following a consumer purchase

Purchase confirmations, like welcome communications, are common trigger emails. It is natural to thank a consumer when they purchase anything from your shop.

The email below from Classic Specs has the proper idea: “Thank you” in large, bold characters, with a customized greeting underneath.

Classic Specs thank you email example

Don’t forget to include the purchase’s important facts, such as the products in the customer’s basket, individual charges, total amount owing, and so on.

3. Following a promotional event

There are several event invitation email samples and templates available online. It’s no surprise that this marketing strategy is being prioritized. Failure to attract enough people may result in a real-world failure.

However, the significance of a wonderful invitation does not exceed the relevance of a post-event thank you note. Make certain it is not an afterthought.

The Salesforce email sample below is perfect. It’s appealing, vibrant, and well-designed.

Salesforce invite email example

In addition to the “thank you” in the email body’s opening line, the brand includes two kinds of downloadable content—an internal report and a promotional e-book—as well as a link to the event’s recorded keynote. These elements provide value for participants who want to make the most of what they’ve learnt.

4. On the birthday of a subscriber

The first three times we described as perfect for client appreciation need you to express thanks. No, not this one.

On their special day, you may undoubtedly be grateful for the presence of a subscriber. A joyous tone, rather than thankfulness, is a stronger foundation for your birthday letter.

This is an excellent incentive to deliver a modest token, such as a one-time discount or free item, to a member.

The Subway email below informs this customer that they may request a cookie at a certain location for a short period.

Subway birthday email example

Birthday emails rank first in terms of return on investment (ROI). They have more than 475% greater conversion rates and 175% higher unique click rates on average.

The sole stipulation is that subscribers give their birthdate through a preference center or survey.

5.On customary holidays

Many marketing calendars rely heavily on holiday advertisements. They mainly revolve on the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. Most marketing initiatives include retail and charitable events such as Black Friday and Giving Tuesday.

Appreciation emails complement Christmas ads like peanut butter and jelly. To maximize earnings during the year-end shopping season, most companies will reduce item prices.

Some may provide additional special incentives for VIPs or returning consumers. And some, like Playstation in the image below, will give out virtual stocking stuffers.

Playstation holiday email example

Wrap up

Customer gratitude is an important component of email marketing. Meeting metric targets is crucial, but so is building long-term connections with your audience.

It’s a good thing there are several methods to include gratitude emails into pre-existing campaigns and trigger-based automations. Your brand will collapse if you do not maintain a strong relationship with your subscribers and consumers. It is important to express thanks and celebrate the community that pulls you up.

When should you send thank-you emails to customers? There’s no need to tie a thank you or celebration email to a specific holiday or occasion, although doing so may increase the impact.

Here are eight things to keep an eye out for:

  • When a subscriber chooses to participate
  • Following a client purchase
  • Following a brand event
  • On the birthday of a subscription
  • On customary holidays