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Top Five Email Design Trends to Watch for in 2022

Without a question, email marketing is here to stay. An email marketing plan is a must-have for every digitally-savvy organization, since it provides the greatest amount of ROI for marketers.

However, there are other methods to promote through email, as well as a lot of competition for your clients’ inboxes. That implies that marketers that want to create the largest impression must deliver cutting-edge email design.

Beginning with the fundamentals
With the number of email users expected to reach 254.7 million by 2020, proper email design is crucial.

Because you’ll be able to reach millions of prospects with a single email, it’s worthwhile to invest time on the design and content. A well-designed, informative email will result in a greater ROI and fewer unsubscribers.

In this manner, email marketing continues at the top of corporate marketing methods, and with the best ROI in the group, it’s no wonder.

Let’s take a look at the trends that are dominating the news as we approach 2022.

Make use of a dual-purpose design
The experts at DesignHill point out that internet behemoth Google has already embraced the rapidly growing—and very useful—trend of directly soliciting client feedback through email.

Source: DesignHill

Use intelligent design to include this similar strategy. Allow subscribers to indicate their interest in an email by checking a box. A simple question or a brief quiz might also be included.

This level of involvement and pain point identification will assist you in fine-tuning your email content. Customers are more likely to stay engaged if you provide them with more relevant information.

Keep it simple
According to Maxx’s designers, the trend in graphic design is toward simplicity. Minimalistic design is sometimes linked with trendy, niche, or premium firms, yet it is rapidly becoming more widespread.

Minimalist designs, with plenty of white space and little text, may provide messages that seem real and clean, as well as quick and snappy.

In 2019, minimalist designs will integrate more color, leaving black, white, and grey in the dust.

Here’s an example of a good design that uses racy red to complement their message and product:

Source: Pinterest

The white space and sparse typography allow recipients to simply scan through this email, while the color calls attention to essential aspects in the body to ensure nothing is missed.

Personalization continues to have an influence on outcomes
Do you want 82% more opens? Make use of customisation. This strategy is becoming more popular, and for good reason. It is effective!

Trends come and go, but one that has shown persistent tenacity as we enter the new year is the trend toward building a personal connection with prospective clients.

Customers see personalized emails, as well as those built with subscriber preferences in mind, as a nice gesture rather than an aggravation.

This progressive mentality is reflected in Stitch Fix’s email design. They do this by providing a brief survey to opted-in clients in order to focus their fashion interests. This is shown in the example below.

Source: A Little Insanity

Obtaining this information from clients in advance enables Stitch Fix to provide more personalized, relevant material in the future. This relevance gives the organization a permanent spot in customers’ inboxes.

Providing prospects with snackable content
The popularity of video material is growing. In fact, it is predicted to account for 80% of all online content in only a few years, by 2022.

As 2019 approaches, expect to see more video included into email designs.

Still, the tendency is toward simplicity and “snack ads”—videos lasting less than 10 seconds. Snackable content is an excellent method to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing.

This method may also be used to animated emails. Here’s an illustration from The complete email is shown below in the image:

Source: Stylecampaign

The photos in the main photo rotate to reveal various room art alternatives.

While not strictly video, this email provides recipients with short, bite-sized samples of what the sender has to offer. The email also has the additional advantage of displaying art in its intended context.

Allowing your consumers to contribute User Generated Content (UGC) is an excellent approach to boost engagement and communicate with your customer base.

Make an effort to encourage your consumers to share their brand-related experiences. It will undoubtedly pay off, since consumers are three times more likely to believe that consumer-created material is real than brand-created content.

GoPro is already on board, contributing 5,000 or more movies every day through its #GoPro sharing site.

Source: Youtube

Using the momentum produced by UGC, GoPro has grown to become one of the most popular YouTube channels, with over 3 million followers.

And here’s how they use email marketing to communicate their customers’ passions:

Source: GetApp Lab

Nothing beats genuine consumers advocating your product for authenticity and engagement. Nothing warms your prospects’ hearts or wallets like their own platform and 15 seconds of fame.

Some of the hottest email design ideas to look out for in 2022 include a variety of styles centered on the customer experience.

From basic designs with a pop of color to user-generated content that encourages connection and celebrates your relationship with consumers, putting customers’ needs and desires in the forefront is the rule of the day.

According to our experts, if you can give a tailored, genuine experience to your audience, you’ll be on the right road for email marketing success in the next year.