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Three Email Drip Campaigns You Need to Adopt Right Now

Email marketing is the most dependable medium for businesses wanting to convert, engage, and retain clients. One reason for this is because email provides so many various ways to communicate with subscribers.

There are nearly infinite methods for businesses to utilize this channel to achieve almost any purpose.

3 email drip marketing ideas for increasing conversions
A drip campaign’s primary purpose is straightforward: Keep your audience interested.

Of course, there are several ways to engage your readers. Perhaps you just need to inform individuals that your firm and goods exist and that you are willing to assist them. It might also imply reminding them of a product they intended to buy but never finished the conversion process.

In each case, the long-term aim is the same: to improve conversions and subsequently retain clients.

Here are four ideas for your next drip campaign, or use these ideas inspire you to create an email drip campaign that increases sales and grows your company.

A welcome email that entices clients to begin
An engaging welcome email drip campaign is essential for any email marketing plan. That may sound apparent, but you don’t want to make the mistake of dismissing this chance.

For one thing, the welcome email is your one and only opportunity to create a good first impression on a new or potential client. If you get your relationship off to a bad start, it’s doubtful that they’ll look forward to your future emails with bated breath.

Take a look at this welcome email from Local Guides, an app that lets users discover their surroundings:

local guides welcome email drip campaign
Source: Email Drip Campaigns

The message opens by stating the purpose of the app (“Explore the globe. Earn incentives”), but then, very immediately, the email encourages the reader to click for “special perks,” which would send them directly to the app.

It also explains how the site works (“Earn points five different methods”), making it much simpler for the recipient to get started and fall in love with the product. It concludes with another option for the user to click through and interact with the app (“Start Exploring”).

Celebrating a significant achievement
Sending frequent emails to your subscribers informing them on their progress toward a milestone, and, of course, when your subscribers achieve that milestone, keeps your firm and your goods on the recipient’s radar.

To begin, informing your users on their progress is very individualized. The message is directly addressed to the receiver. Who doesn’t want to be acknowledged for their accomplishments?

Second, updates are useful for encouraging continuous participation. It acts as a delightful reminder and motivator to continue utilizing your company’s product or service.

Consider this amusing example from Runkeeper, a distance-tracking software for joggers:

Runkeeper milestone email drip campaign
Source: Email Drip Campaigns

This whole letter is about the consumer and congratulating them on their recent success. Furthermore, the email quietly promotes deeper involvement with their product by instructing the reader to plan their next activity.

Users are encouraged to update their app or learn more about its features via the CTAs at the bottom. These CTAs may result in an upsell, but they also make it easy for the receiver to learn about all the various ways the app may help them achieve their objectives.

A re-engagement email for customers who have unsubscribed
Perhaps these subscribers stopped responding to your emails, or perhaps they never responded to them at all. In any case, you should monitor your list’s engagement and conduct a re-engagement email drip campaign on a regular basis.

The concept is simple, yet effective: create a message that you know the recipient will find compelling enough to open and act on.

Another alternative is to simply list all of the ways in which your product or service may benefit the reader. In other words, raise the perceived worth of your company’s offerings.

Here’s an outstanding Typeform example of such an email:

re-engagement email drip campaign
Source: Really Good Emails

Typeform offers various methods for subscribers to re-engage, yet the communication is kept short and sweet. The reader’s attention is drawn to the eye-catching picture of the bearded guy, and the straightforward text can be absorbed at a look.

Because there are just two CTAs, your subscriber is less likely to be confused and do nothing. The CTAs further underline the company’s desire to assist clients by offering them with two options to utilize Typeform: the template gallery and the leaderboard.

Of course, none of the drip programs mentioned above should be replicated word by word. The same is true for the formatting. However, the best practices and recommendations in these drip programs may be readily implemented to your own email marketing wherever it makes sense for your business.

Once you’ve written these emails, all that remains is to automate them and set up the triggers that will send them out. But don’t mail it and then forget about it: Keep an eye on your stats and outcomes so that you may alter your email drip campaigns in response to criticism.

Eventually, you’ll have the ideal drip campaign, one that you can automate all the way to higher sales without incurring additional costs.