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Support for Animated GIFs in HTML Emails

People wanted to know how to utilize GIFs in email in 2007, so we did a test and this is what we discovered. But, as you can expect, a lot has changed since then. However, much of what makes for effective email is still relevant today.

Here are the most recent lessons for using GIFs in email so that they are most effective and provide exceptional results for your email marketing efforts.

Some pointers on how to use GIFs in email

Here are some pointers to consider while using animated GIFs:

Don’t overlook accessibility

If you utilize animated pictures to communicate a tale, be sure everyone understands what you’re saying. Consider individuals who have vision impairments, sluggish internet connections, or pay per kilobyte on their mobile devices.

Accessibility concerns may hinder content providers from utilizing animated GIFs in email in certain circumstances. If your reader just sees the first frame because their connection cannot play the remainder, they may be perplexed.

If an email client supports GIFs, it doesn’t indicate the user’s internet connection can handle it, or that the data use would be worthwhile for the reader.

Consider an alternative that makes modest use of animations if accessibility is a concern.

This Chanel email uses gifs well

The animation of trees swinging in the wind isn’t very long, but it succeeds in establishing ambiance and conveying the message.

Take a lesson from history

Graphic design changes in the same way that email marketing does. What worked a few decades ago is now considered archaic by modern standards. As the above example shows, less may be more. Even when GIFs are lavishly designed, those that shout “Hey, look at me!” are often best avoided.

The risk with such outlandish animations is that they come out as excessively pitchy. They have the fervor of an eager salesperson, and a try-hard attitude may easily turn off those who might otherwise be interested in your information.

There’s also the problem of the animations obscuring the content. If you want to make animated GIFs, you need exercise restraint and balance.

You should not do anything just because you can

An animated email may be quite effective in capturing the attention of a reader. That is not to say you should make your email dynamic simply for the sake of it.

Animations should only be utilized when necessary. How do you know? Is the email lacking in creativity and in need of something to give it a bit more impact? In such instance, employing an animation may be a wise decision.

You should also use them if the occasion requires it. If you utilize a famous GIF to depict a phrase or something similar, it’s an excellent opportunity to use one.

Be creative

Animated GIFs, like any other web design tool, may be used to enhance our message in non-intrusive ways.

The objective of marketing creativity is to complement rather than overpower the content. So, if you have an email that may be animated, think about how to execute it creatively.

an animated gif in this email increases engagement

With its inventive use of perspective and rich color palette, the static picture is interesting enough on its own. Adding a little bit of animation to it retains your attention.

The unique part of this design is that each message will display at some time in the center. A reader is more likely to want to browse through and view each one because of the way the GIF conveys the information.

The use of an animated GIF in email marketing is a delicate skill to perfect, but once you do, the possibilities are endless.


GIFs, when utilized correctly, may be quite powerful in email marketing. Most popular clients now support them, and the ways they may improve your content are many.

To utilize this media type successfully, use it sparingly and only when the material requires it. As you get more familiar using GIFs, you should become more creative with them.