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Why You Should Use Buttons in Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Are you dissatisfied with the results of your email campaigns’ click-through rates?

You’re writing excellent material and employing stunning photos, but your click-through rates are lower than you’d want.

The issue may be the calls to action you’re utilizing.

It’s simple to include call to action (CTA) buttons anywhere in your email with our email builder Canvas.

Do buttons enhance the number of clicks?

Is it really worth the time and effort to attempt to raise your overall click-through rates when there are so many tools available to marketers to assist generate buttons for CTAs?

Before delving into that response, it’s critical to understand what a click-through rate is, why it matters, and how to calculate your click-through rate.

What is a click-through rate, and why is it important?

A click-through rate is a useful key performance indicator (KPI) that assists your marketing team in determining who is taking action when you send an email or email campaign to your subscribers. It explicitly informs you how many individuals click on a hyperlink, CTA, or picture inside an email.

Why you should be using buttons in your email marketing campaigns

How common is the click-through rate?

After you’ve determined your average click-through rate, you’ll undoubtedly want to see how you compare to your competitors.

The average overall CTR for all industries in December 2018 was 7.06%

The click-to-open rate is another indicator that may be compared to the click-through rate. The click-to-open rate varies significantly from the click-through rate in that it only counts unique clicks (clicks from a single user), while the click-through rate might include numerous clicks from the same source.

Why you should be using buttons in your email marketing campaigns

The typical email has a click-to-open rate of roughly 14.10%

So, are email buttons really worth it? Do they really enhance click-through rates as compared to normal text links? Let’s look into it.

What factors influence your click-through rate?

While many marketing systems give statistics to assist customers track KPIs, there is a simple approach to calculate your own click-through rate.

Simply divide the number of clicks your email got by the number of times it was opened to get your click-through rate. Finally, multiply this amount by 100 to obtain the real percentage rate.

If you’re more concerned with your click-to-open rate, you may adjust a few values in your formulae. You want to utilize the number of unique clicks rather than the overall number of clicks on your emails.

The formula is pretty much the same from there: Divide the number of unique clicks by the number of emails opened. Finally, multiply this figure by 100 to obtain the percentage rate.

Wrap up

Using buttons as calls to action may help raise the click-through rate of your email campaigns, and tools like Canvas and Bulletproof Buttons make it easy to get started.

So, give it a shot—in your next email campaign, compare a link to a button and let us know if you see a difference. Just make sure your microcopy is correct.