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5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rate From Email to Landing Page

As a skilled digital marketer, you most likely spend hours strategizing how to improve your lead generating approach. More social media posts? A new email adventure? You may even be overspending on PPC advertisements in the hopes of converting.

Any marketing campaign’s primary purpose is to elicit action. Is a lead sent to your company’s “contact us” form or a specialized landing page after clicking your CTA?

Are you ready to increase your profits and get new customers? Continue reading to learn how to enhance the conversion rate from email to landing pages.

Recognize your target audience’s requirements

While this may seem obvious, it is all too easy to hurry your landing page and wind up with a haphazard approach. Before you go in, you should ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who will be clicking through from your email to the landing page?
  • Who is your ideal client?
  • What will people think when they glance at the page?
  • What will compel them to complete a form?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you should center your whole campaign around the answers.

For example, if you’re aiming for a younger demographic, consider incorporating a video on your landing page. Short-form films are highly consumable information and a fun method to demonstrate your value while instantly catching the attention of your lead. Landing page videos boost conversions by 86%.

Highlight and communicate the value proposition

Your value proposition should be highlighted in both your email and landing page language.

While it’s easy to get into the habit of copying landing pages with each new offer, it’s critical to dive deeper and discover why your audience believes your offer is worth their time.

Airbnb uses a landing page to help users make more money.
Source: Airbnb

Make compelling headlines that provoke emotion

Emails and landing pages have one thing in common: they both need the creation of effective headlines. In fact, 90% of people who read the headline will also read the CTA content. Your headlines are the subscriber’s first impression of your brand, so they must be attention-grabbing and immediately sum up your value offer.

When creating headlines, ensure that the messaging is consistent throughout the email and landing page content so that your audience isn’t confused by the change. You should also elicit an emotion—anger, exclusivity, accomplishment, etc.—because most individuals make choices based on their feelings rather than evidence.

Teambit plays on emotions for landing page

Keep the form brief and to the point

How many times have you been put off by a lengthy or complicated form? Consider the following: If a user believes they are giving up more information than they are getting in return, they will not convert.

While many forms include between five and eleven fields, three is the ideal quantity. Consider the following facts when creating an appealing retargeting email campaign:

  • First name: required
  • Email address: required.
  • Last name: want
  • Phone: want
  • Occupation: want
  • Location: want
  • Interests: want

The benefit of connecting a landing page with an email is that you may already have the “desire” information, so you can always go back and connect the dots.

Trulia uses single form field on landing page

Include trust cues

Consider including testimonials from delighted customers if you want to increase your trust with your readers.

People believe in one another. Including trust signals in your emails and landing sites informs the lead that you’re trustworthy, which helps to reassure their choice to convert. Given that 88% of individuals check reviews before providing information, testimonials are an excellent approach to generate social proof.

Reviews do not have to be the source of your trust signal. You may also use compelling statistics or stats to demonstrate how your items are being utilized. Numbers assist you build your industry authority and generate a bandwagon effect.

 TransferWise shows strength in numbers with landing page copy
Source: TransferWise


You’re more likely to engage your subscribers and increase your bottom line with a captivating email and landing page campaign. While these two parts are intertwined, you must pay attention to the success of each channel to determine how the campaign is functioning overall.

Consider the following if you want to enhance conversion rates from email to landing page:

  • Set objectives and learn about your audience’s motivators.
  • Make certain that your offer is beneficial to your subscribers.
  • Write captivating material and provide uniform design across both platforms.
  • A long form should not be used to distract your subscribers.
  • To increase social proof, provide testimonials and trust signals.