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1 Dozen of Irresistible Abandoned Cart Emails

Customers who have added things to their basket but have not checked out get abandoned cart emails. These emails remind customers of what they left behind and urge them to return and finish the transaction.

Here are some of the best samples to get you started on your abandoned cart emails.

Did you leave anything out? (Casper)

Casper sends a cart abandonment email when you leave anything on their website.

“Did you forget something?” catches your eye and makes you want to click. When you open the email, the humorous, catchy subject “COME BACK TO BED” draws you in.

Casper also keeps their email simple and easy to read by including a clear CTA button that drives the payment process. The firm also provides testimonials in its emails to demonstrate that its items are worthwhile investments, and readers may access additional reviews if they choose.

Do not miss out on free delivery (Rudy’s)

As part of its cart abandonment marketing, Rudy’s issued a humorous email follow-up. The headline warns, “Don’t put this off like a software update.” Most of its clients are aware that if your program is not updated, it might fail. The concept is that you don’t want anything unpleasant to happen if you don’t purchase your chosen stuff.

Rudy’s also displays photographs of the things that have been left behind and provides free delivery as a last-ditch attempt to get buyers to finish their transaction.

Your cart is calming down. (From Whisky Loot)

Whisky Loot’s cart reminder email is a particularly amusing example. When a customer abandons one of its subscription boxes, they get an email with the subject “Your cart is sobering up.” It is one-of-a-kind and out of the usual, which may increase open and conversion rates.

The email begins with a question and then goes on to detail all of the things you can do with the whisky in the box. All of the products are funny, making viewers chuckle and imagine themselves using them in hilarious ways. Then Whisky Loot concludes with a FAQ section and a CTA button that says “TREAT YOURSELF.”

Nomad gear is quickly selling out. (Nomad)

Another wonderful example is Nomad’s abandoned cart email. The subject line induces viewers’ fear of missing out (FOMO) in order to get them to click. The visual is on brand, and the content is humorous, but it also describes how visitors may retrieve their cart.

The email also addresses a recurring issue. The material reassures readers in the section “Afraid to Make the Leap?” by explaining Nomad’s return policy and two-year guarantee. This offer also strengthens the email’s trustworthiness by demonstrating that the business stands behind its items.

What happened to you? (From the Dollar Shave Club)

Dollar Shave Club is well-known for its humorous and engaging marketing efforts. Its abandoned email series is no exception.

The subject line is concise and provides readers a reason to read on.

When the email is opened, the bullet-point content makes it simple to read and explains the benefits of Dollar Shave Club razors. The graphic depicts precisely what will be included in the brand’s monthly box. They also provide a money-back guarantee to dispel any uncertainties and urge readers to take advantage of the deal.

Do you see anything you like? (From American Giant)

In their cart abandonment email, American Giant has a pretty straightforward message: remind their consumers what they’ve given up.

Better still, they offer a link to simply return to your basket, bypassing the registration page so you don’t have to re-enter your information.

The ideal article is still in your shopping basket. (Perigold)

Perigold provides another email sample with a simple and efficient recovery part. It gets the information through fast and even includes product suggestions lower down the email to assist customers in swiftly and easily finding more similar items.

Please allow me to return you to your online shopping basket. I’d be delighted to. (Chubbies)

We have another notable case. Chubbies’ amazing email excels in three dimensions: captivating pictures, strong language, and several connections.

“Allow me to transport you,” says the character. “Let’s crank up the volume” and “Word up, enjoy the remainder of the day.” All of this fits with the idea of a fun-loving shorts store.

Your cart rang. It’s hoping you’ll return to see it. (Food52)

An enticing subject line, excellent writing, and eye-catching graphics are all critical in persuading your subscribers not to quit their carts.

Food52 displays your purchases as well as a link to the abandoned cart, and its language is actually sympathetic. See also “Your Cart Called” and “It’s hoping you’ll return to see it.” These words personalize the shopping cart and make you want to return and check in on a buddy.

Is your Wi-Fi working properly? (Adidas)

Adidas isn’t hesitant to employ a provocative email subject line, such as “Sorry to hear about your wifi,” thinking the receiver’s Wifi had failed and they had left the site. “IS YOUR W-FI OKAY?” it asks. and “Perhaps your browser crashed while seeing the classic Gazelle silhouette,” with a link back to the customer’s basket.

Are you leaving without checking out? (Huckberry)

Huckberry is another example. “Our deals and inventory are frequently limited, and we can’t guarantee that the things still in your basket will still be available when you decide to pull the trigger,” they said.

There is a feeling of urgency in the line, as you can see. If you genuinely want such products, you should not wait.

Customers are concerned that anything they want to purchase may sell out. Huckberry plays on this fear and encourages people to purchase now.

Your cart has been booked for the next 48 hours. (Society6)

CTA buttons differ in appearance based on the company, but they always have the same purpose: to return customers to their shopping baskets.

Society6 intends to employ an action-packed CTA button. They employ verbs like “get” and “shop” to entice visitors to add things to their basket that read “Get My 30% Off.”


Whether you’re an ecommerce marketer or the owner of an online company, abandoned cart emails are critical for increasing sales. They are simple to set up and, considering the high average shopping cart abandonment rate, should be done by everyone. Learn from the experts above and start regaining sales now.

Also, check out this video in which Vil Vas of Nomad Grind demonstrates how to set up abandoned cart emails using Mailerlite using a step-by-step approach for 2021. He explains the optimum abandoned cart email sequence and gives several instances of abandoned cart recovery emails.