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The Benefits of Plain Text Email Marketing

We constantly cover subjects to assist you style your emails with interesting visuals and design, but we can’t neglect plain text email marketing and its advantages.

Remember that not everyone can access HTML emails. Even if they can see HTML, others may not. Even though HTML emails are aesthetically appealing, you shouldn’t depend completely on them. Every HTML email you send should contain a plain text version.

Today, we’ll concentrate on email marketing using only words.

First, we’ll explain what plain text email marketing is. Don’t dismiss this form of email marketing just yet.

What plain text email marketing can do for you

Plain text emails perform better than HTML and may operate as an insurance policy for HTML emails. Plain text emails will help your email strategy.

Plain text might be the key to increasing your open rates or deliverability.

Plain text emails ensure deliverability

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Broken HTML links or tags might send emails to the spam bin. It’s normal. Because of this, HTML makes deliverability challenging.

HTML-free plain text emails are deliverable. Plain text versions avoid HTML delays and obstructed graphics, resulting in an excellent email experience.

Avoid the spam bin and get to the top of email inboxes. Plain text emails that don’t activate spam filters help you avoid HTML threats and maintain delivery.

Plain text may not enhance open rates, while HTML does.

Plain text emails don’t affect open and click-through rates. Plain text emails seem more authentic to spam filters. Plain text emails will bypass spam filters and reach consumers’ inboxes.

Spam filters may misread HTML code. HTML emails delivered to spam and trash folders reduce open and click-through rates. Your email won’t be seen if it never reaches your users’ inboxes.

Users actually prefer them

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Plain text emails are seen as one-on-one conversations. While many prefer HTML emails, we react better to plain text emails.

This doesn’t mean HTML is useless. HTML emails boost email marketing. It would be negligent to exclude a user-friendly method of email marketing.

Users prefer plain text over HTML for readability. At first, white space and content breaks help consumers scan, but we’ll get to that later.

They’re tech-savvy

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Plain text emails are important for email marketing since they support smartwatches. Imagine opening an HTML-rich email on your wristwatch. Why presume your HTML emails serve that audience?

Plain text emails are readily accessible on emerging technologies like smart watches which allow you to target that consumer segment. They’ll be useful as technology changes how we see emails.

Wrap up

You shouldn’t use HTML or plain text for email marketing. Both email versions should be optimized to provide an excellent user experience.

As HTML email capabilities expand, we want to remind you of the advantages of plain text email marketing.

Use Multipart MIME to adapt to your users’ email preferences and find the right balance for your plan. You’ll have the versions users desire to access your content.