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5 Things to Copy from these Award-Winning Emails

2017 saw 269 billion daily emails.

Since 26% of individuals unsubscribe because they get too many emails, it’s crucial to make sure your next email campaign is outstanding.

Email marketing outperforms Twitter and Facebook in key metrics. Whether you’re new to email marketing or a veteran, designing a successful campaign may be frightening.

How can you stand out in packed inboxes?

Despite congested inboxes, not all emails are optimized for optimal effects. Implementing these best practices can help you offer the greatest content to your subscribers, raising open rates and click-throughs and winning their trust and loyalty.

Segmentation, automation, and customisation may boost open and click-through rates.

5 award-winning email campaigns for inspiration
Uninspired by your next email design? These 5 award-winning email campaigns show how to stand out and look nice.

These award-winning emails will get yours opened, read, and subscribed:

lily lines
Lily Lines received the 2018 Webby Award for Email Marketing. The Lily is a Washington Post edition named after the first women’s newspaper. “Empowering tales for women in the know” is their slogan. On their email sign-up, they tell subscribers they’re a twice-weekly women’s newsletter.

Customers want to know what they’re getting. By highlighting their feminist viewpoint, no one will sign up for Lily Lines expecting gardening suggestions, assuring they acquire engaged subscribers. Lily Lines’ twice-weekly frequency is more frequent than most subscribers like. Most individuals prefer monthly or weekly emails, according to studies.

Their basic design is striking and consistent across all channels; their website, newsletter, and social media platforms all use black and white with the odd splash of color to highlight links and CTAs.

They’re successful. Lily Lines has the greatest open rates of any Washington Post email subscription and won a Webby.

Consider presenting an archive of earlier emails for your next email marketing campaign to establish a quality list of subscribers. Subscribers know what to anticipate from your emails. New subscribers may find previous information they may have missed, increasing attention to older web pages.

Buzzfeed News won the Webby for email marketing. Buzzfeed covers crime, animals, quizzes, pop culture, news, and more. Buzzfeed provides 22 newsletters instead of one that covers all of these themes.

These email campaigns range from animals to gorgeous males. “Thirsty Thursday” promises “beautiful men sent directly to your email,” while “A Dog A Day” and “This Week in Cats” include pet photos.

In addition to 22 newsletters, users may pick from 9 courses, such as “Spring Cleaning Challenge” and “4 Weeks to 5K Challenge.” These newsletters offer how-tos and links to related content to help subscribers reach their objectives. “4 Weeks to 5K Challenge” links to a blog entry on running shoes. Even emails meant to bring people outdoors include links to online entertainment.

“4 Weeks to 5K Challenge” starts with a welcome email with exercise recommendations.

Covering all 31 themes in one mailing would be big and distracting. Limiting material is appreciated by subscribers.

Let your readers self-segment like Buzzfeed. Segmentation enhances sales opens: 58% of sales come from targeted emails. Allowing subscribers to self-segment means you don’t need to examine data to make content assumptions.

Buzzfeed may send a newsletter on cats or dogs instead of both. Each email distributes at a different frequency, so cat-lovers only see cats and dog-lovers only see dogs. The dog newsletter is sent daily, while the cat newsletter is weekly. Buzzfeed keeps cat-people who would unsubscribe if they got daily emails with cats and dogs by letting them self-segment.

  1. FLOR
    FLOR awarded Best Email Marketing at the 2018 Interactive Marketing Awards. Since revamping their email advertising, sales have increased 23%.

FLOR uses automation to educate subscribers to their brand, emphasize product qualities, and encourage sales. Their CTAs push users to buy things, and their emails offer discount coupons and promotions.

Email marketing may boost FLOR’s online sales when done correctly. FLOR designed automated journeys like cart emails and post-purchase emails to increase income with no more labor.

FLOR’s brand identity includes eco-friendly designs. FLOR’s emails reflect their narrative. Even in the initial welcome email, they link product advantages to their identities. Featuring their eco-friendly tale fosters client loyalty by developing similar aims. FLOR relates their goods and customer experience to their narrative even in sales-driving emails.

Every email should increase traffic to your website and convert prospects, especially if you have a small brick-and-mortar presence. Case study: emails with a single CTA generated clicks 371% and revenues 1617%.

Include a single CTA in your email to direct subscribers to your website. Offer rewards when new subscribers join, when customers purchase, or on special events like birthdays to grab their attention.

Find a method to include your brand’s narrative in your next email marketing campaign, no matter the consumer path. Your brand narrative is vital for subscribers who aren’t ready to purchase. Strong brand identity isolates your organization from rivals and develops subscriber trust, both essential revenue drivers.

Peloton awarded Most Innovative Use of Customer or Other Data, Including Automation and Triggers at the 2018 Email Experience Council Awards. Peloton intended to let clients monitor monthly progress and provide community information. Thus, “Month in Review” was formed.

Peloton tracked customers’ calories burned, exercises, and more. These emails remind consumers what they’ve done and compare it to the previous month. Peloton recommends popular rides and tracks from other users to keep consumers interested and working out.

To reproduce this award-winning email, don’t only personalize the subject line. Personalizing the subject line may boost opens by 26%. Instead, use subscriber data to give them relevant information. Use your data to present a picture of subscriber behavior and deliver relevant content to boost opens and clicks.

Use existing data to inform people more about themselves and connect them to a bigger community. 75% of shoppers say they’re more inclined to buy from a store that knows their name, purchases, and preferences. Use data to show subscribers you understand them, and they’ll appreciate it.

Refinery29 didn’t win the 2018 Webbys for email marketing, but they’re nominated every year. R29’s marketing emails are always top-notch.

R29’s email includes article titles next to thumbnail photos that connect to posts.

This structure lets subscribers rapidly scan headlines and explore intriguing items. R29 covers many themes, from health to horoscopes, like Buzzfeed, but they only have one email. Because it has so much white space and is readily consumable, this format works for them.

White-space increases understanding by 20%. Sending just one newsletter reduces the amount of newsletters R29 subscribers get, reducing email fatigue and improving engagement and opens.

Copy R29’s award-winning newsletter by using more white space and containing the greatest website content. When people can rapidly scan your email, they’re more inclined to open it. Since each user has a different opinion of what’s great, you may add more links and material without compromising click-throughs or overloading subscribers.

Wrap Up
Award-winning emails bring in money and boost brand engagement. Follow these tips to boost email opens, click-throughs, and sales:

Automate your list of engaged subscribers like Lily Lines Segment.
Clear CTAs and brand stories like FLOR
Personalize like Peloton using client data.
Optimize emails like Refinery29
Copy these 5 things to create an award-winning email campaign and boost your brand’s key KPIs.