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What is a Good Click-to-Open Rate?

One email marketing measure is underused. Open and click-through rates are extensively utilized.

Do you consider CTOR when evaluating an email campaign’s success?

Click-to-open rate

Your click-through rate (CTR) compares the number of email recipients who click to the total number of email recipients. How can you measure the success of your email if you include people who didn’t open it?

Your CTOR shows how many subscribers clicked on your email compared to how many opened it.

This indicator shows how relevant and contextual your information is.

No measure is perfect, but CTOR shows how engaged readers reacted to your email content.

When you evaluate your total email audience, people who deleted your email won’t give valuable feedback on its success or failure.

To optimize your email marketing efforts, assess how people react. Looking just at your content’s viewers can help you comprehend it.

Most firms base email performance on click-through and open rates. Use your CTOR’s perks to improve.

Successful CTOR?

You target 10-15% click-to-open rate. If you’re not acquainted with how this measure pertains to your email strategy, we’ll explain.


As you probably already know, open rates are related to click-through and click-to-open rates. To illustrate how one statistic affects the other, we’ll utilize basic figures.

Your open rate is the proportion of persons that opened an email sent to 1,000 subscribers. 190 individuals open this email, for a 19% open rate.

This measure includes all subscribers and lets you assess the email’s subject line.

All of your users see the subject line, but not the email content. Your open rate shows how many people opened the email based on its subject line.


CTR is the ratio of email clicks to total email subscribers. If you sent this email to 1,000 people and 30 clicked a link, your CTR would be 3%.

Market study shows a 4.19% average CTR across all sectors.

With a CTR of 3%, you may think your email wasn’t successful. Despite a low CTR, your email content may work well.


To calculate CTOR, split clicks by opens. Example CTOR: 15.7%. Although your click-through rates may be low, it’s crucial to monitor click-to-open rates to see how well your visitors received your content.

Researchers do all they can to guarantee their findings are accurate.

Taking into consideration all of your subscribers might hurt your email marketing performance.

By evaluating your CTOR, you may see how consumers reacted to your content and design.

CTOR success measurement

Your CTOR shows you how your email content is performing. How do you evaluate CTOR success?

A successful CTOR averages 10-15%, so aim for that. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry.

Your CTOR findings, good or poor, help you improve email content.

You’ll need to use trial and error to establish what’s missing from your email and deterring clicks. You may analyse your email’s performance and enhance its capacity to lead readers to other sites by analyzing the content, pictures, and link arrangement.

CTOR optimization

Email creation involves numerous aspects. Many email characteristics might hamper its performance. Some email sections may affect its success:



Mobile format

If you know what a decent click-to-open rate is and want to enhance it, let’s explore how to reformat your email for CTOR success.


Write more interesting and appealing email content to boost CTOR. Email users seek proof that your product/service will address their problem.

Personalize your welcome by using the user’s name. Today’s customers want to trust companies. And showing you care will do it.

Visually appealing

Most web users skim rather than read articles nowadays. When it comes to the success of your email, you must incorporate interesting photos to lure in those on-the-go subscribers who are merely scanning through your email.

If you want to grab their attention, incorporate a picture that tells them who you are, like this one:


Many consumers will click on a logo inside an email to see the company’s webpage. If your email isn’t set up properly, you’ll lose clicks and engagement.

Include multiple links so subscribers may reach your site from wherever in your email.

Include appealing CTAs to direct people to the right spot.


Click-through and open rates have traditionally been used to gauge email marketing performance, but there are others.

Why do consumers ignore their click-to-open rate?

If you want to know how your email content is doing, evaluate who saw it.

If you wanted to know how many people enjoyed a new candy bar, you wouldn’t include refusals. Why include people who deleted your email while measuring its success?

CTOR will help you enhance email content and marketing approach.

You don’t have to reach a decent click-to-open rate yet. You may utilize this measure whether you’re in the 10-15% or not.