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5 Best Landing Page Designs of 2021

We can’t tell you how these greatest landing pages of 2021 truly fared, but we’re guessing they did fairly well.

Take a look at them and utilize them as inspiration for your future creations.


To begin, we have the main page for signing up for Starbucks Rewards. Take note of the minimalist design and the subtle use of color. Starbucks goes directly to the point with a large and powerful call to action. If visitors are still not persuaded, they may look at some of the advantages by scrolling down the website.

landing page for rewards


It’s difficult to look at this HelloFresh webpage without wanting to join up. The high-quality visuals do an excellent job of showcasing a typical product as well as the affordable pricing of $6.99 per meal.

Readers may learn how the food delivery service works and explore their extensive menu options by scrolling down.

Luxury Retreats

This Luxury Retreats website includes a high-quality photograph that takes the reader to the place and makes it simple to sign up. When the reader navigates away from the page, a popup appears inviting them to sign up for future emails.


This website provides extra, but easy, landing pages for different goods when searching for Casper mattresses. Readers may learn about the advantages of buying a Casper mattress over other products by scrolling down.


This Adidas landing page takes a risk by emphasizing a single product with a single high-quality picture and incorporating a shop button. Adidas also makes it simple to join up for their email subscription without the use of annoying pop-ups.


Understanding best practices for landing pages is crucial, but ultimately, learning how to create a landing page is all about determining what works for your audience. Customers nowadays expect businesses and brands to spend in getting to know them personally. People crave genuine connection in all areas, including marketing.

You won’t get it perfect the first time, but by doing A/B testing and listening to your audience, you can design something that encourages your visitors to convert.