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How To Get Your Subscribers Read Your Emails

Have you ever opened certain marketing emails from firms while ignoring others?

The majority of us would say yes. With typical open rates ranging between 15 and 25%, this indicates that 75-85% of emails are classified as “completely disregarded.”

As an internet marketer, the critical issue becomes, “How do you ensure that your campaigns are the kind that people always open?”

We’ll provide you practical guidance on how to achieve precisely that in this piece.

Maintain a steady periodicity

According to most studies, readers cannot build the habit of reading emails if they do not know when to anticipate them. As a result, it is critical that you choose and adhere to a regular cycle of email newsletters.

Aim for twice a month as the best practice for email frequency. However, it is still advised that you choose the frequency that works best for you.

For example, The Gist clearly displays their email frequency on their opt-in form: “5 minutes every Monday, Thursday, and Sunday morning.”

Source: Really Good Emails

Send emails when individuals have the opportunity to read them

If you want people to read more of your emails, don’t send them when most of your subscribers are too busy to read them.

It is essential that you carefully examine your list to find the optimal time of day to send emails.

Netflix is a wonderful illustration of this. They send two emails every month that are completely mobile optimized.

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Source: Really Good Emails

Choose a well-known “from name”

What is the most appropriate “from” name for our email marketing campaigns? Should it be the name of your company? Should it come from a certain individual inside your organization?

It all comes down to who people expect to hear from. To enhance open rates, make sure the “from” name you employ in your campaigns meets the user’s expectations.

Source: Really Good Emails

For example, Shopify Plus use a “from” name that personalizes the reader experience, “Hailey” (the name of a team member), but also includes “at Shopify Plus” so that readers understand the firm from whom the email is sent.

Begin with a valuable welcome email

Welcome emails have been demonstrated to increase open rates in the long run, resulting in an 86% increase in unique open rates.

Send a welcome email that is filled with value to demonstrate your readers that reading your emails always results in a reward. This reward might range from a fantastic piece of content to a discount.

Andalou Naturals, for example, sends a welcome email with an exceptional value-add of a 20% off discount:

Source: Really Good Emails

Produce high-quality, reader-focused material

This suggestion is critical for individuals who maintain blogs or use other forms of content marketing to attract visitors. Relevant, high-quality material is an excellent strategy to keep your email subscribers reading.

BuzzFeed is an excellent illustration of this. They incentivize subscribers to open their emails by adding extremely engaging, shareable material that their subscribers like reading.


If you want to increase the amount of clicks, conversions, and ROI from your email marketing efforts, you must keep your subscribers engaged with your campaigns over time.

This starts with fundamental methods such as maintaining a consistent frequency, optimizing send timings, and constantly giving high value in your emails.

Watch this video by Dan Henry to learn how to boost clicks without using sophisticated tools and how to pique your audience’s interest.