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Five Ways to Use Personalization in Your Next Email Campaign

Consider this: you have the potential to reach out to each and every one of your subscribers as if they were a valued friend. You address your subscribers by name, send them communications they like, and give material that is precisely customized to their requirements. As a consequence, your subscribers anticipate getting emails from your company.

Want to make brand customization a reality? We’ll show you six methods to include customization into your next email campaign.

Make your copy unique
How much nicer does it feel when an old friend approaches you and begins a discussion with your name, rather than “Hey, you!” It makes a huge difference in establishing the tone for the talk.

The same may be said about email communications. Subscribers want you to acknowledge them personally and like hearing their own name.

Red Lobster – Personalized Email Subject Line

However, Red Lobster does not stop with customized shout outs. They also include the subscriber’s initial name in the email’s body.

Red Lobster – Personalized Email Copy with Name
Source: Really Good Emails

Make your images unique
Personalizing your photos is another fantastic technique to boost your click-through rates. Images may be personalized depending on various data and consumer characteristics.

For instance, if you have location data, you may change graphics based on their location. In a recent promotion, Virgin generated three separate graphics for subscribers in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia, and delivered the relevant image to each location’s subscribers.

Virgin – Email Marketing – Personalized Images
Source: Really Good Emails

Make your offerings unique
Did you know that tailored emails may boost click-through rates by 14% on average and conversion rates by 10%?

By tailoring your offers, you may enhance click-through rates and conversions.

You may have the finest offer in the world, but if it isn’t relevant to your clients, they won’t care. Make use of data to tailor offers to each of your subscribers.

Adidas personalizes based on gender
Adidas customized offers based on gender. Rather of providing everyone their whole assortment of men’s and women’s shoes, they just send men’s offers to men and women’s offers to women.

Adidas – Personalized Email Marketing by Gender
Source: Really Good Emails

Uber may be customized depending on your area
Uber is another company that tailors its services depending on where you are. They know where their members reside or, at the very least, where they often go and deliver offers depending on location.

Uber - Personalized Email Marketing by Location
Source: Really Good Emails

Chewy customizes depending on previous purchases
Chewy is another company that uses data to tailor its services. They keep track of the things that consumers have previously bought and then send a reorder reminder email when the product is running short.

Chewy – Reminder Email
Source: Really Good Emails

Make your product suggestions more personalized
In principle, it would be fantastic if customers bought anything you advised. In reality, members will only buy suggestions that are related to previous purchases or personal interests.

You may include a customer’s recent purchases or browsing history into your email marketing with the aid of an email service provider. Cross-selling and up-selling become more feasible as relevance grows.

 Email Marketing Based on Customer Behavior
Source: Really Good Emails

Customize cart abandonment emails
Would you want to hear something shocking? Every year, $4 trillion in income is lost due to cart abandonment. 65% of abandoned carts, on the other hand, may be recovered within 24 hours, and emails sent within 60 minutes of cart abandonment have a 40% open rate.

When you customise abandoned cart notifications based on client data, you may boost the possibility of conversion.

J. Crew makes use of the shopping bag
J.Crew encourages consumers to complete purchases by combining engaging messaging with customized information.

J.Crew – Email Marketing – Cart Abandonment
Source: Really Good Emails

Jack Wills sends suggestions
Jack Wills sends cart reminders, but they go over and above by making product suggestions based on client preferences

Jack Wills – Email Marketing – Cart Reminders
Source: Really Good Emails


Personalizing your email content is an excellent method to reach out to readers, keep communications relevant, and boost conversion rates. You may customise messages using data, dynamic content, segmentation, and other methods with the aid of a top email service provider.