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Combine Social Media with Email Marketing for Better Branding

Consumers nowadays want community. They want to meet the individuals who work for their favorite firms as well as the other brand ambassadors. They have that chance because to their great social media presence. They get to know you via your postings. Customers get to know one another via comments and personalized hashtags.

However, social media is often volatile. You do not own the platform, nor do you own the data. Social media networks may update the algorithms that enable you to interact with your followers at any moment.

What should a brand do in the twenty-first century?

Combining social media and email marketing

The solution is straightforward: integrate. It’s past time for marketers to stop seeing social media and email marketing as either/or propositions. Consider them multiple avenues for the same overall message for your business.

Both channels enable you to engage and communicate with your fans one-on-one. Both channels enable you to promote your beliefs and communicate your narrative, resulting in an emotional connection with clients and improved business outcomes.

The secret is to combine social media with email. Introduce custom hashtags to your website, social media, and email to produce user-generated content (UGC). To expand your list, promote your subscription online. In order to promote conversions, include social proof from your social media followers in your emails.

The advantages are many, and incorporating connections to your social accounts has never been simpler.

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Do you need some motivation? Continue reading to see how our top emails include social media.

How to use social media into your email marketing campaigns

When you’re ready to merge your social media and email campaigns, the best place to start is by producing an email that keeps your social media front and center. Here are several examples:

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts promotes its social media sites by sending an email to their loyal customers. This encourages your subscribers to interact with you on another platform, resulting in more investment from your following.

cross-channel marketing with email
Source: Really Good Emails

When people see their social postings in your emails or when you repost their information, they know you’re paying attention to them. Seeing their posts on your profile and in your email makes your subscribers feel warm and fuzzy. It demonstrates to them that you want to hear from them and respect their contribution to your tale.


Quiz Clothing uses social media and email marketing to its advantage by hosting a social media contest. Quiz guarantees that its most devoted and committed fans don’t miss out on the chance to join and win by adding information about the contest in their email.

This campaign also contains tangible advertisements. Quiz has combined its most effective marketing platforms into a single campaign to maximize impressions. They provide a tactile, experience component to their internet marketing.

Social media and email strategy example
Source: Really Good Emails

The Parabo Press

Parabo Press highlights some of their top posts with their special hashtag, #ParaboPress. Simplicity is essential when it comes to social networking. They’ve discovered a means to stay in touch with their VIPs, or Very Important Printers.

This email urges recipients to interact with them on social media. Customers’ gorgeous photographs help subscribers imagine what Parabo Press’ items will look like in their own homes, resulting in more conversions.

Parabo Press multichannel marketing example
Source: Really Good Emails


We can’t wait to see how you combine your social media and email marketing strategy now that you’ve been inspired to get started. Both channels promote one-on-one interactions. When you combine email’s trustworthiness and dependability with the reach and discovery power of social media, you guarantee that your marketing efforts achieve their full potential.

We can’t wait to see what you create with these new tools. When you share your experience using social media and email marketing, don’t forget to tag us!