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4 Email Personalization Strategies that Go Beyond a Name

With technology evolving and making people’s life simpler in recent years, marketers have not been left behind.

The power of email marketing is one of the greatest debts marketers owe to technical breakthroughs.

Email marketing improvements have enabled businesses to develop more meaningful connections with their clients, resulting in incredible returns on investment – $44 for every $1 invested. To enjoy the advantages of email marketing as a marketer, you must take your connection with each of your consumers to the next level.

You must interact with your consumers on a personal level.

This is where customized email marketing may help.

What exactly is email customization (and why is it necessary)?

Personalization in email refers to the use of subscriber data inside email content to personalize it to each receiver. Email personalization, contrary to common opinion, does not stop with addressing your subscriber by name. It entails sending out timely and relevant material that your subscribers can’t help but devour. You may utilize data ranging from a name to a birthdate to purchasing interests.

Personalization in email is when you use subscriber data within your email content to make it tailor-made for each recipient.

What additional email customization tactics may you use if personalization extends beyond addressing a subscriber by name? Let’s look at seven email personalisation options that go beyond the use of a name. You’ll be shocked how simple it is.

1. Make use of segmentation

Segmenting your list is one of the most effective strategies to tailor your emails. Segmentation is just arranging your list into parts that share certain characteristics. Here are a few examples:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Organizational Role

The parameters you employ to segment your list are determined by your sector and marketing objectives. However, by including that tidbit of information in an email, your subscriber will feel as though you know them personally. This will cause them to connect to your email, interact with it, and ideally accomplish the activity you want of them.

Most, if not all, customized email marketing techniques are built on segmentation.

2. Think about your browsing history

Another wonderful technique to customize your emails is to use your subscribers’ browser history. Here’s an excellent example from Asics:

Another great way you can personalize your emails is by using your subscriber’s browsing data. Here’s a great example by Asics below:

3. Make use of significant anniversaries

Everyone enjoys commemorating anniversaries, particularly their own. You may add another degree of personalisation to your subscriber’s trip with you by remembering important dates in their journey with you. These might be anything from their birthday to your wedding anniversary.

Everyone loves to celebrate anniversaries, especially their own. Beyond remembering your subscriber’s name, you can add another level of personalization by remembering essential dates in their journey with you.

You endear yourself to your readers by utilizing anniversaries to personalize your communications. They will definitely respond by opening your emails and participating in your campaigns.

The end result?

An increase in income generated by your email campaign.

Obtaining data that is relevant to your subscribers is an essential component of any marketing plan. It enables you to expand email customization beyond just utilizing your subscriber’s first name.

4. Use triggered emails

Email automation is one of the most effective customized email marketing tactics. Email automation is the process of using email marketing software to send emails to subscribers depending on certain criteria that you establish.

Sending tailored emails depending on activities taken is one approach to use automation. These triggered or behavioral emails are an excellent approach to make a subscriber feel as though you know them. Triggered emails include the following:

  • Welcome emails
  • Reminders
  • Emails for lead nurturing

This form of email personalisation is so effective that studies suggest it may account for up to 75% of a company’s income. Setting up triggered emails may seem difficult, but it isn’t.

Wrap up

Beyond just addressing your recipient by name, email personalisation has developed and continues to evolve. Marketers are now better positioned to get more personal with their consumers, thanks to the growth of big data. That is why you must adhere to email marketing best practices and include customization into your email marketing plan.