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5 Great Email Subject Line Examples

One fundamental rule is to always include a preheader. Otherwise, email client autoformatting might result in a variety of wasteful content occupying this area. This includes having a repeating subject line, the ability to unsubscribe, and the ability to see the email online.

Add a human touch: Always aim to customize as many email pieces as possible. Personalizing email subject lines and salutations is a tried-and-true strategy for increasing open and read rates. The same may be said with preheader text.

To increase your email performance metrics, you must establish a one-to-one connection. Personalization in the preheader will clearly improve your results.

Pose a query: In email subject lines, using questions rather than assertions has long been a good method to engage receivers. “Save 50% Today” isn’t as enticing as “Do You Want to Save 50% Today?” You can now do this with your preheaders as well.

While the subject line above makes a statement, the preheader text that follows raises a question in anticipation of someone who may already have over a thousand subscribers. The email immediately provides value to everyone who gets it, not just those with a limited number of subscribers.

Emojis may help you stand out: Emoji, often restricted to short messaging service (SMS) messages, has emerged as a powerful tool in marketing email subject lines. Emojis may now be used in preheaders, as seen in the example below. Emojis help your emails stand out among the stacked lines of text in your inbox.

Emojis have more advantages than just being aesthetically appealing. On mobile devices, for example, they give condensed message power inside the 30-40 character limit for each line of text.

Please check my email, Alexa.

The nature of email marketing is always changing as a result of evolving technology, and no list of “Email Preheader Best Practices 2018” could have predicted where we are now. You should examine how email subject lines and preheaders sound as well as how they display on various devices and clients.

Amazon’s Alexa Voice Service (AVS) was enhanced at the end of 2018 to enable customers to check their emails. This implies that the sound of your preheaders when read aloud is now crucial. Furthermore, the preheader concerns mentioned above, such as duplicating the subject line or defaulting to the unsubscribe option, would impair email effectiveness, much less other unintentional text.


The strength of email marketing stems from the fact that emails are ubiquitous in our daily conversations. This, however, poses a challenge: your emails must stand out in a congested inbox. Using each of the email preheader hacks we’ve discussed above will put you – and your emails! – on the right track.