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How to Amplify Email Marketing with Messaging Apps

What should your company do if about half of its consumers wish to be contacted one method and the other half another? This is a problem that many business owners face on a daily basis. 54% of clients prefer email, while 46% choose a messaging tool of some kind.

Apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, Whatsapp, Viber, and others have established a dynamic method to connect that is comparable to SMS text messaging but frequently goes beyond with video and audio chat capabilities. The proliferation of mobile messaging applications has created a new environment that may directly benefit businesses seeking to expand their brands.

The figures cited above will always change owing to differing demographic choices, but the fact that everyone isn’t utilizing the same platform persists.

This leaves companies with two options: limit their marketing to one of these platforms and exclude a large portion of their consumers, or utilize both and reach everyone.

Email versus. messaging applications

Messaging applications have opened up new opportunities for marketers. In reality, firms who utilize these marketing platforms have experienced the rewards of their development and success.

Chat applications are used by nearly 2 billion people globally, with another half billion predicted to join them by 2021. On a daily basis, more individuals use chat applications than utilize social media.

Several messaging apps have sprung out as a result of their success in recent years, and those that existed before to this surge are leveraging themselves in an industry that is becoming more congested. That implies your clients are communicating with you via a variety of applications.

Solution: Select both.

The either-or strategy may not be the best method to deal with this scenario. Combining email and chat applications provides your company the best of both worlds. It enables you to deliver printable discounts and more in-depth information like as newsletters through email while using the urgency and now factor to attract clients instantaneously.

When utilized correctly, both instruments may be employed in ways that make them both more successful.

Messaging applications are an excellent approach to publicize limited-time deals. The consumer receives an alert, checks their phone, and discovers a fantastic bargain that they must take advantage of right immediately or it will be lost.

Surveys and follow-ups

Customer feedback may be very beneficial to organizations. It informs a firm on how effectively they are servicing their customers and how they may enhance their business.

Surveys are a wonderful approach to get this critical input while also making the consumer feel appreciated. The challenge is to get your consumers to participate in the survey.

Chat messaging and email may be used with surveys to encourage clients to reply by tying your survey to something of value. A simple post-purchase survey, for example, may be carried out via a messaging app. The incentive is a beautiful voucher provided to the customer’s email address for finishing the survey.

There are a number of excellent choices for automating the email and message processes.


Chatbots are a blessing for companies that employ mobile marketing. They let clients to call a company 24 hours a day, seven days a week and ask simple inquiries or access services such as arranging appointments during office hours. There are several chatbots to pick from.

Chatbots are available in many messaging systems, most notably Facebook Messenger. There are also a number of third-party chatbots available. Depending on your marketing objectives, each of these applications has advantages and disadvantages.

The bottom line is simple: chatbots can manage what would otherwise be a Herculean burden, freeing you up to concentrate on your company.


“The customer is always right,” as the old adage goes. This implies that you should utilize whichever platform the consumer prefers—email, messaging, or text messaging.

To connect with your clients, your company will undoubtedly use numerous channels.

Even if a buyer prefers one of them above the others, the other platforms should not be overlooked. Chatbots and third-party services have made the multi-platform strategy simple and cost-effective.

Using email marketing with messaging will allow you to contact clients more effectively, regardless of the method they choose.