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Three Automated Workflow Ideas to Engage Subscribers

Every subscriber wants to get relevant, personalized email messages in their inboxes. In reality, the majority of people want it. When an email is relevant to their interests and lifestyle, subscribers are 50% more likely to open it and 58% more likely to click a link.

Personalization is undeniably important, but how do you do it? How do you develop and distribute customised emails to each subscriber? While personalisation may seem hard, it is extremely simple to accomplish using email marketing automation.

Here are three automated processes that may be used as inspiration to help marketers employ email marketing automation in a reasonable, engaging manner.

Create an automated welcome series.
When a new subscriber joins your list, this is the ideal moment to create a positive first impression. This is due to the fact that subscribers are most engaged with your brand during the first 48 hours of joining your list.

The first step should be to automate a welcome email. In your account, you may pre-create a welcome email that is automatically delivered to each new subscriber that joins your list. The act of adding oneself to the list acts as a trigger.

When a subscriber joins the Fashion magazine mailing list, for example, they immediately get this automatic welcome email.

Fashion Magazine – Automated Welcome Email
Source: Really Good Emails

Using email marketing automation to send a welcome email is a simple and effective approach to get started with automation.

While this is an excellent starting point, you do not have to stop there. You may keep using email marketing automation to welcome new customers or readers.

Workflow automation

If you aren’t a publisher, you may adapt this approach to your onboarding process. The first email should still welcome new consumers, but the second email should highlight your greatest goods or offer a discount on their first purchase.

The aim is to send out a series of two or three emails that greet new subscribers while also teaching them about your product or service.

Automated Workflow - welcome email

Send emails depending on the behaviors of your subscribers
Subscribers react to emails that are relevant to them. Penguin Random House sent an email to subscribers highlighting best-selling books in order to deliver targeted communications.

Penguin Random House – Targeted Email Automation
Source: Really Good Emails

When the subscriber opened the email, they clicked on The Game of Thrones: Illustrated Edition, but they did not buy it. Because the publisher now knows the subscriber is interested in the book and wants to promote a purchase, they can utilize email marketing automation to customize messaging even more.

The subscriber’s click on the book title acted as a trigger. Another email was sent to the subscriber, celebrating the publisher’s fifth anniversary and offering a discount. Take note of the book at the top of the list; it’s the same book that the subscriber clicked on in the previous email.

Source: Really Good Emails

The publisher might continue the automatic journey by sending emails depending on the activities of the subscribers.

Journey automation

Automated journeys - Actions

Create an email course or class
Are you prepared to deliver interesting emails on a regular basis? Tasty makes this feasible by generating guided lessons that are sent through email.

Subscribers to Tasty’s Weekly Meal Plan, for example, get a daily email with instructions for making breakfast, lunch, and supper. Examine the email from day three of the food plan.

Tasty – Daily Email Marketing Automation – Meal Plan
Source: Really Good Emails

Using email marketing automation, these emails are all produced ahead of time and scheduled to send on a specified time and date.

Tasty, on the other hand, may supplement this automatic trip by emailing this portion of members and asking if they’re interested in another guided course, The Healthy Eating Challenge.

Because the information is relevant, subscribers are likely to be intrigued. If subscribers respond positively, they are added to a new group that will now get frequent emails that will assist them in making sensible food choices. Here’s an illustration:

Tasty – Daily Email Marketing Automation – Meal Choices

Tasty is getting to know its users on a more intimate level by delivering guided workshops. Subscribers are separated into smaller groups when they join various courses, which promotes personalisation.

Journey automation

Automated Journey - email class

Guidelines for Creating Automated Journeys
Here are a few pointers to consider if you’re ready to employ email marketing automation to create workflows:

Be inventive with your beginning positions
Your subscribers are as unique as your automated trips. Don’t be scared to experiment. Choose one of the beginning points listed below to create a series of emails that your readers will like. Examples of starting places include:

A subscriber joins a mailing list.
A subscriber joins a section
A subscriber exits a portion
A date
A celebration
Subscriber engagement
Allow subscribers some breathing space.
Automated trips are fantastic, but you don’t want to overburden your subscribers. You may include breaks throughout your trips. They’re known as delays. Allow subscribers some time to open and interact with your email before sending another. Remember, the goal of automation is to send more relevant emails, not more emails.

Automation should be segmented
Automation is most effective when combined with segmentation. Because the information is more focused, building unique campaigns for smaller groups results in a greater connection.

Take note of your stats
When implementing email marketing automation, like with any other email marketing approach, it’s important to keep track of your KPIs. Keep track of your engagement metrics, particularly your open, click, and conversion rates, to monitor how subscribers react. Allow your automated trips to be guided and improved by metrics.

Automation may assist marketers in personalizing emails without requiring a significant amount of effort to create. Marketers can boost engagement and revenue with efficient targeted messaging by using the correct mix of automated journeys.