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Four Ideas for Adding Video to Your Email Campaigns

According to the most recent 2018 data, one-third of all internet time is spent viewing videos. Most organizations are aware of this, which is why video is being integrated into their current marketing efforts. People definitely like viewing video material, whether it is utilized for commercial or communication objectives.

The degree of engagement with video is increasing all the time, and your marketing approach must be coordinated to connect with your audience and realize ROI.

Here are four methods to include video into your next email campaign.

embedding video in email infographic
Source: Forbes

The Advantages of Video in Email
Every day, around 270 billion emails are transmitted throughout the world. In other words, every day, around 270 billion misinterpreted signals and contact attempts occur. Believe it or not, a single misconstrued communication may be detrimental to your company or career. A typical office worker gets around 120 emails every day and sends approximately 40 of them.

The majority of email inboxes are clogged with essential, unimportant, and promotional messages. Include a video in your email to ensure your recipient’s attention, which raises click-through rates by 200-300%. Furthermore, including a tailored video in the subject line raises the open rate by 272%.

Displaying your product or service in action has a significantly better probability of persuading visitors of its advantages. According to studies, viewers were 64% more likely to make a purchase choice after seeing a video.

4 video suggestions for your next email marketing campaign
When it comes to introducing oneself to someone, the best method to do it is in person. Unfortunately, most corporate communication cannot be carried out in person, therefore individuals utilize a variety of communication methods to convey their message to their intended audience. Email communication is one of the most successful methods for marketers. However, emails sent by your firm do not have to be entirely text-based. Why not experiment with sending video emails?

Consider using a video in your next business newsletter. Or how about building an email campaign that includes videos?

Deliver innovative stuff to your recipients to engage your audience. Giving a video analysis of current trends or inviting your audience to your future seminar, conference, or other event is an excellent method to interact with your prospective and present consumers.

Video in email - introduction example
Source: Forbes

Email introduction videos
Including a video in your introduction emails enhances the likelihood that your receiver will respond and learn more about your organization and the goods or services it provides.

These films are not intended to be flawless or of the highest production quality since they are not the result of mass production. On the contrary, they are simple, one-time videos that anybody with a webcam or a cell phone may make.

A corporate representative should always begin an introductory video by welcoming the prospective consumer by name. You will add a personal touch to the message and capture the recipient’s attention this way.

Your introductory video should be no more than 45 seconds long. Say your customer’s name, thank them for their inquiry, and provide the information they sought. Allow the material in your video to flow naturally, and don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the conclusion.

Email support videos
Video may even be used into your customer service approach.

Consider delivering a video to a consumer who is having a problem instead of chatting to them on the phone or over email. A visual message is much more effective and easy to convey.

After all, video is primarily a visual medium. Its emphasis is on showing rather than explaining. When attempting to assist your consumers, it is critical to provide them with what they need. Every support team’s mission is to resolve the problem and please the client. Giving your clients a step-by-step video on how to get the most out of their purchase can help you achieve your objective faster.

Email explainer videos
Did you know that 95% of consumers have seen a product or service explainer video to learn more about it? Explainer videos are simple to create. Furthermore, people like watching them. Almost 97% of marketers believe that videos have improved customer knowledge of their product or service. Gather all of the information your consumers need in one video and teach them how to utilize your product or service step by step. There are several methods for creating an explainer film, but make it original, interesting, easy, and, of course, instructive.

Email testimonial videos
Email marketing are an excellent way to communicate your customers’ delight. People like reading customer evaluations, but they really enjoy viewing testimonial videos. Showing a satisfied customer’s face and allowing them to speak about their purchase and experience helps demonstrate to your future consumers why you are the perfect business for them. Customer testimonials, for example, are an excellent approach to ensure that your target audience is aware of the multiple advantages your platform or product provides to its customers. Don’t overlook the many benefits that video integration may provide for your email communication.

Most individuals need visual assistance to learn, which is why video lasts longer in the viewer’s memory than text. Viewers recall 95% of a video message vs 10% when reading the text. People’s body language and movements in a video transmit messages in a different way than text and have a greater ability to elicit emotions and responses. Emotions and responses have a significant impact in knowledge retention. The greater the influence of the film on the viewer’s emotions, the greater the amount of retention. The greater the amount of retention, the better the company’s business success.

To learn more about sending videos through email, watch this video from Chase Me Films.