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5 Ways to Integrate your CRM and Email Marketing Software

As a marketer, you want to provide your subscribers with the most relevant and useful material possible.

That is how you maximize ROI for the companies you represent. However, focusing just on email marketing software can only get you so far.

The fact is that CRM software connects easily with email marketing tools and campaigns. You may strengthen your client interactions in all parts of company and offer hyper-relevant email marketing by combining data from both sources.

Does it sound right?

This post will discuss some of the advantages of combining your customer relationship management and email marketing operations. It will also explain how to do the work quickly.

CRM software and email marketing will be more important in the future

You’ve undoubtedly heard about last year’s Facebook disaster. Updated algorithms removed information from consumer news feeds from sites, especially small enterprises.

This was part of Facebook’s rebranding and return to its beginnings as a social network for friends and family to connect. If companies and sites want to stay up with the developments, they will need to invest heavily in tailored advertising.

To be honest, this was most likely for the best (in marketing terms, anyway). Brands have little influence on their Facebook following. Instead, Facebook leverages its following to collect money for targeted ads. All of this is part of Facebook’s business plan of effectively holding your audience captive.

We have no complaints about Facebook. To reach our target audience, we can only use outlets that we own and control.

Choosing email marketing software over social media is the ideal answer. Why? Because it allows businesses to communicate directly with their target demographic. There will be no more battles with algorithms.

Furthermore, highly relevant Facebook advertising are somewhat scary. That is most likely why 77% of consumers in all categories choose email for permission-based advertising. Because subscribers freely gave their email address, it is genuinely permission-based.

Devoting time, energy, and resources to email marketing yields higher returns as well.

Email marketing outperforms social media advertising in terms of ROI: $39.40 for every dollar spent on email against $12.90 for social media.

Customer relationship management encompasses a wide range of concepts. And rightly so—it touches practically every facet of business. Here are a few examples of how it may help your email marketing operations.

Improved data collecting

You don’t need to acquire additional data about your audience; instead, you should make the most of the data you currently have. With so much information available, it may be tough to know how to organize and absorb it all.

Customer relationship software may assist you in centralizing all of your information on customers and their activities. Once you’ve done that, you may apply the remainder of the recommendations on the list to improve your results.

Increased personalisation

People now anticipate individualized emails in their inboxes. Sending the same email to all of your subscribers with the same discount and expecting them to act will no longer work in 2019.

In fact, tailored emails are critical for maintaining existing clients. Because they have already spent their hard-earned money with your organization, these consumers expect you to know a thing or two about them. Treat them well by sending them individual emails.

Using CRM software may help you maintain information about your customers across numerous channels, such as an app, and offer relevant material to them through emails.

Gas Buddy’s email is both highly tailored and quite relevant. It is based on data from numerous platforms, including their app, email marketing software, and website. It may not seem to be much, but emails like these are ideal for keeping your readers interested.

GasBuddy personalized email example

Enhanced automation

Automated emails based on triggered events are a great way to connect with each subscriber. Customer relationship management software includes tools to ensure that every automated email you send is as effective as possible. This software can help you understand what type of content your customers expect from your brand by monitoring their behavior.

Triggered email campaigns, such as this Casper welcome email, can do wonders for introducing customers to your brand. They’re ideal for establishing rapport and educating subscribers.

Fewer unsubscribes

It’s reasonable to argue that if you can supply your subscribers with more relevant information, they’ll be more inclined to interact with it. Using that reasoning, keeping your subscribers engaged and interested will make them less inclined to unsubscribe.

According to studies, over 16% of individuals unsubscribe from mailing lists if the information is irrelevant to them. Your subscribers will anticipate more relevant material than you now supply as technology advances. Using CRM integration to bridge the gap may assist.

Emails like this one from Handy are ideal for increasing subscriber engagement. Using customer relationship management software data, you can utilize these emails to provide highly relevant items and communicate with clients on the platforms they really use.

Handy boost engagement email

Stay away from spam filters

Another 17.2% of individuals said they unsubscribe from emails that seem to be spam—but only if they can get past the ever-changing spam filters first.

Spam identifying characteristics are always changing. Marketers must comprehend and adapt to these developments. Sending huge bulk emails to your whole list with no customization is a proven way to wind up in the spam folder.

You may give relevant and valuable material to individual subscribers nearly one-on-one with customer management software. This, along with other recommendations, will keep you in the inbox and out of the spam bin.

Wrap up

Email marketing and client relationship management are both effective in and of themselves. However, when combined, they provide a data-driven powerhouse for producing hyper-relevant content for your subscribers. Marketers may use this connection across their whole digital marketing plan to retain consumers and develop new relationships.