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How to Target Email Subscribers on Mobile

People spend a significant amount of their day looking through their mobile devices. Consider how many times you unlock your phone each day to check a notice on one app only to discover you haven’t checked an email. Email is easily accessible on cellphones. This implies you must understand how to target email subscribers through mobile.

But what if the graphics don’t display correctly? What if the email does not work?

As a marketer, you understand how critical it is to prevent a broken experience for the businesses you represent at all costs.

In this post, we’ll go over several strategies for targeting email subscribers on mobile devices and optimizing campaigns for mobile email service providers.

Because your brands are losing out if you aren’t optimizing for mobile.

Why should marketers be concerned about mobile email?

Failure to optimize campaigns for mobile email service providers might be the weak link sabotaging your marketing efforts.

Let us examine the facts.

More than half of customers have pondered canceling their whole email account due to an overload of marketing emails. Ouch. Meanwhile, just 25% of marketers said they used mobile in their email marketing initiatives.

This implies that not only are subscribers getting an excessive number of low-quality generic emails, but marketers are also failing to ensure that these campaigns appear great across several platforms.

We must sympathize with our customers. How successful will a brand’s emails be if they don’t load properly on mobile?

It turns out that this strategy is ineffective: more than half of all emails are opened on mobile devices.

Optimizing for mobile email can provide you with a significant advantage over competitors who do not prioritize their subscribers.

How to Target Mobile Email Subscribers

At the end of the day, you want to provide your audience with useful and relevant content, right? Using these tips to target email subscribers on mobile can assist you in doing so.

1. Be as unique as possible

You must stand out in a sea of content in your subscribers’ inboxes. Because email is a personal medium, why not use a conversational tone and personalize your messages?

Personalized email campaigns have a 26% higher open rate and a 6x higher transaction rate. People prefer to communicate with other humans, so make your messaging as human as possible.

You can use an email service provider to implement this type of messaging. Here’s how it’s done:

Simply configure your email service provider to integrate tags and personalize your emails using your subscribers’ actual names. This will make your emails seem more like discussions rather than advertisements.

Target even personalizes the subject line of this email. The email then remains relevant and distinctive to the recipient by highlighting recently acquired items. Take note of how Target use emotional marketing to enhance the subscriber experience. Instead of merely soliciting comments, Target invites subscribers to assist other consumers.

Target personalization email example

2. Use mobile-friendly templates

You could have someone on your team who can design emails that look great on all devices. Unfortunately, this sort of individual is not widely accessible to many businesses and freelancers. Email service providers with mobile-friendly templates fill the hole for the rest of us.

Using an ESP guarantees that your emails appear exactly as you intended, regardless of the device your subscribers use. After all, considering every mobile device, much alone every desktop, is almost impossible.

Allow your email service provider to perform the heavy lifting with mobile-friendly, customized templates.

Waitrose’s email seamlessly transitions from desktop to mobile, with stunning imagery and easy-to-click buttons.

Waitrose email example

3. Test your images across multiple devices

The majority of good email service providers allow you to easily test your emails before sending them to subscribers or portions of your list. It can’t harm to use this function since it’s a simple approach to target email subscribers on mobile.

Send your emails to a few individuals using various mobile devices to get feedback. Check the buttons and links as well. It’s ready to send to your list if everything is working and aesthetically attractive.

4. Target mobile email users with big and strong typography

On mobile devices, little text is almost hard to read. Your subscribers are unlikely to want to bother zooming in and out of photographs to read the text.

Marketers should make sure that every email they send employs big and strong fonts for mobile email campaigns, while also keeping design and user experience in mind. This ensures that mobile users can read anything you send without having to do anything extra.

22 Days Nutrition’s email employs big, strong text against a bright backdrop to make it easier to read for mobile users. Furthermore, the CTA buttons are huge and strong, making them easier to view for even mobile users. The material is also excellent since it builds intrigue and encourages the reader to click.

22 Days Nutrition email example

Wrap up

You’re well aware that you have fantastic stuff to offer with your readers. All you have to do now is find out how to improve your message and effectively target email users on mobile. As consumers continue to use mobile for email, optimizing your campaigns will provide you a competitive advantage and guarantee that your subscribers get the most value material possible.