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6 Fascinating Subject Lines That Get Your Emails Opened

“Do you know what the function of an envelope is?” an elderly man asked his 30-year-old son.
“I don’t know, Father,” the boy said. Maybe to stamp it and send it to someone.”

“No, the objective of an envelope is to entice people to open up the letter and discover what’s inside,” the elderly guy said.

Nothing has changed much in your subject lines after so many years. The actual issue is, what is the goal of your email’s subject line?

Its only objective is to encourage your subscribers to open the email you sent them.

Here are six subject lines and samples to help you get your email opened by your subscribers.

Subject Line 1: Surviving

The concept behind this subject line is that you may have a remedy that might alleviate the agony or suffering that your subscribers are experiencing.

Humans often prefer avoiding pain to achieving pleasure. So, if your subject line promises to alleviate, or perhaps remove, the agony or suffering that your subscribers are feeling, they are more likely to open your emails.

Some recent and excellent examples include:

  • How Do You Get Through a Quarantine?
  • How to Avoid Bankruptcy
  • What Is the Best Way to Survive a Heart Attack?
  • How to Get Through Menopause
  • How to Get Through Divorce

How does it work? You see how it piques people’s interest?

Subject Line 2: The Most Serious Error Make

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This topic line’s principal assault is that it concentrates on the negative. These are the items that your subscribers avoid in order to get the desired outcomes.

The fact that this subject line is not about a mistake is what makes it so compelling.

If you modify the subject line to “A Mistake __ Make,” it loses some of its impact since we all make errors. But if you speak about the largest errors, or the most hazardous ones, your readers will pay attention and open your emails.

Here are a few enticing examples:

  • The Most Common Mistake Husbands Make
  • The Most Common Mistake Wives Make
  • The Most Common Mistake Entrepreneurs Make
  • The Most Common Mistake Millennials Make
  • The Most Common Investment Mistake

Subject Line 3: The Ultimate Guide to

Humans are notoriously inquisitive. We’d want to know everything. We want to know what the secrets are. And we often do not obtain the desired outcome.

That is why individuals are interested in certain little-known information and resources that they are unaware of. They will receive the desired effect once they have that.

Here are a few enthralling examples:

  • The True Key to a Long-Lasting Marriage
  • The Real Crowdfunding Secret
  • The Real Wedding Planning Secret
  • The Real Teeth Whitening Method
  • The Real Weight Loss Method

It almost sounds like a nice version of “The Biggest Mistake __ Make.” It’s just a new angle.

Subject Line 4: What is the quickest way to _________

Johnny Galecki as Leonard Hofstadter and Regina King as Janine Davis in The Big Bang Theory /

If you had the option, would you choose something rapid or something slow?

We currently live in an age of immediate pleasure. If we want something, we want it right now. We don’t like to wait, therefore we’re trained to be impatient.

So when you offer something like “the quickest method to…”, people pay attention because it promises to bring them to the desired end quicker.

Here are a few fascinating examples:

  • The Easiest Way to Launch Your Own Company
  • The Most Efficient Way to Earn Your First $1000 Online
  • The Most Efficient Way to Lose Five Pounds
  • The Most Efficient Way to Reduce Your Insurance Costs by 10%
  • The Easiest Way to Save and Plan Your Next Vacation

The fact that you are making a particular promise to your readers makes your subject line successful.

As a result, you must avoid making extravagant promises that your subscribers do not feel are realistic.

Subject line 5: How did I _____________

When your subscribers subscribe to your email list, they are more likely to appreciate your views. They value your perspectives and experiences.

When you use a subject line like this, you’re informing them that you’re about to reveal something personal or something you’ve done in the past. It’s as if you’re telling them your narrative, which is a terrific approach to keep their attention.

Here are some interesting examples:

  • How I Attained 10,000 Subscribers on My YouTube Channel
  • How I Started My First E-Commerce Company
  • How I Met My Soulmate on the Internet
  • How I Get Rid of Headaches Forever
  • How I Visited 10 Countries in 30 Days

The idea here is to be vulnerable while writing an email with this subject line. You are not afraid to discuss the good, the terrible, and the ugly since this is the time when you can get personal with your followers.

Subject Line 6: I Have A Question About Your

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This topic line piques people’s interest.

When your subscribers receive this subject line, their first thought is, “What’s wrong with my ?” “Is there a problem with my ?”

Here are a few stunning examples:

  • I Have A Diet Question For You
  • I Have a Question Concerning Your Website
  • I Have a Question About Your Company
  • I Have a Question Regarding Your Spouse
  • I Have A Concern Regarding Your Social Media Accounts

Can you imagine how powerful these phrases would be?


One of the most effective strategies to persuade individuals to read your emails is to pique their interest. All six of these tried-and-true subject lines are cliffhangers that make subscribers want to learn more. If you accomplish this correctly, your email should be noticed, read, and followed through to your website.

You may see Wes Mcdowell’s video for practical advice on how to improve your email subject lines.