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Lucky 7 Reasons Why You Need To Test Every Email Campaign

Nobody is perfect. This is also evident in email marketing.

“I used the identical design last Friday; nothing has changed since then,” we hear. or “The templates have previously been tested by the designer.” “I suppose they are ready to depart.”

You believe you know what you’re doing, but the catch is that every email needs to be tested — even if you or someone else tested the template you’re using.

This is why:

Because your subscriptions are erratic.

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Not only is this uneven across desktop, webmail, and mobile inboxes, but your subscribers often discontinue support for HTML or CSS specs without warning.

This will give you a headache if you are an email marketer or designer.

Whether you have a pre-tested template or have handled one in the past, the unpredictability of your subscribers’ updates and modifications will still have an impact.

The end result? Without your knowledge, your emails will seem weird in the inboxes of your subscribers.

Because your email has several spelling and grammatical problems.

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When it comes to email, there is no undo option after the send button.

You may raed tihs esaliy desptie teh msispeillgns.

It makes no difference if you assume your subscribers can read scrambled words or can accept a grammatical error.

There is almost nothing you can do if you send an email to hundreds, thousands, or even millions of individuals that has a spelling, grammatical, or grammar problem.

Every time this occurs, your consumers lose confidence and respect for you and your brand.

Because you produce terrible links in addition to being a lousy speller.

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We’ve all experienced bad, broken, erroneous, or untracked links.

When you send a plain text email, your URLs are buried behind a hyperlink or a button, making it much more difficult to check visually.

Would you rather risk losing a conversation opportunity by redirecting your subscribers to an unknown 404 page?

As a result, examine all generated links before transmitting them.

You may either click on all of the links in your email to ensure that you are on the right landing page, or you can save time by using additional checklists such as the Litmus Checklist.

Because you lose sight of the fact that you are being transactional rather than personal.

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According to a Statistica survey, marketing customization appeals to an overwhelming 90% of customers.

You’re messing up your email if you’re just sending transactional emails. When a subscriber reads “Hello [first name]” in your email, the enchantment of customization fades and you’re left on your own. The subscriber will recognize himself as simply another name on your list.

Because your email is vulnerable to spam filters.

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An email that is routed to the Spam Box is deemed a squandered email. As a result, when people flag your email as spam, you and your business suffer.

If you want your efforts to be effective in the long run, you must solve email deliverability difficulties.

Because you need the finest Inbox display possible.

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The appearance of your email’s subject line is critical in getting subscribers to open your email.

Did you reduce the length of your subject line to fewer than 50 characters? Is it memorable? Is it possible to use emojis or special characters across several devices?

In fact, many subscribers will open your email based just on the subject line. Changing and improving your inbox display is therefore a smart decision.

Because optimizing emails for mobile devices is revolutionary.

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If you just accomplish one thing with mobile technology this year, make sure that your emails, including authenticated links inside them, are mobile friendly and always appear as intended.

Even while they are at home, an increasing number of individuals are online and searching on their phones. As a result, many of your subscribers are opening those emails on their smartphones and tablets.


Because email is always growing and there are so many things that may go wrong with it, testing it should be your top priority.

It’s also vital to keep in mind that email testing isn’t about being flawless. It is about advancement and the opportunity to increase your email deliverability to your readers.