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How to Track the Success of your Email Marketing

You’ve researched best practices, crafted a killer email campaign, and sent it out. Nice!

What’s next?

You might plan your next campaign, but if you do the same things, you’ll get the same results. Instead, monitor the performance of your email marketing strategy to understand how to improve.

To evaluate how effectively your marketing campaign works, you must know the most helpful metrics for your organization and each campaign.

Keep a watch on these 4 indicators to see how your emails affect revenue and engagement for your next campaign:

  1. Deliveries

First, monitor your email campaign’s delivery rates, or the amount of emails that reach your subscribers’ inboxes instead of being caught in spam filters or returned as undeliverable. Deliverability affects the effectiveness of your marketing campaign since no one can connect with your emails or brand if they don’t get them.

28% of emails reach inboxes. For your email marketing to be successful, it must reach the most inboxes. Focus on quality over quantity to enhance delivery rates.

The more people that open and interact with your emails, the better your deliverability rates will be, since email providers will notice that your emails are trustworthy and relevant.

By removing old and inactive members from your list, you’ll boost your delivery rates and increase engagement among your remaining subscribers.

Your list may decline initially, but you’ll end up with higher-quality, more engaged subscribers.

  1. Openings


Deleted emails? Rotting or trashing? Once you know your emails are reaching your subscribers’ inboxes, check whether they’re opening them.

Don’t worry about poor open rates. Increasing openings is easy. Spend extra attention on your subject line. Your subscribers get many emails, so a clever subject line may boost opens.

Subject lines using a subscriber’s name boost opens by 26%. Make sure your subject line tells readers what they’ll find in your email. Clarity trumps catchiness.

Change the email address in your “From” section to improve opens, but notify your subscribers first. Sending an email from a person’s name may boost opens.

Sending relevant material increases your chances of becoming an email readers look forward to, so don’t underestimate its impact. The more your emails benefit your readers, the more likely they are to open, read, and share them.

  1. CTR

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70% of marketers believe CTR is the most critical email marketing measure. Click-through rate is the percentage of email recipients that visited your website. Your click-through rate is poor if your subscribers read your emails but didn’t visit your website.

People spend 11 seconds reading emails after opening them. A simple, concise CTA may attract your reader’s attention in as little as 11 seconds. Toast discovered a clear CTA enhanced click-through rates by 371% and sales by 1617%.

The Royal Children’s Hospital Foundation’s email CTA button is hard to miss and likely to boost click-through rates and engagement:

CTRs show whether you’re delivering the correct material to the right individuals. Low click-through rates indicate that engaged subscribers are opening your emails but not clicking. If people keep reading your emails and find nothing interesting, they’ll unsubscribe. Or designate your email as spam.

Click-through rates reveal much about your subscribers. Some subscribers click on a given sort of information, whereas others don’t? You may segment your list to deliver more interesting information.

4.List growth

These are great!

List growth is another indication of email marketing performance. 25% of your contacts every year is typical. Unsubscribes are normal and inevitable, but you want a healthy rate and a growing list of quality subscribers.

People quit jobs and email accounts, so your subscriber list is continuously shrinking. Unless you’re expanding your list, it’s dying. Growing your list is essential to growing your reach, particularly if you want engaged subscribers—and who doesn’t?

Allow engaged subscribers to share your material to broaden your reach and let them do part of the work. Another wonderful approach is to encourage email signups at many spots on your website. Offer incentives to new email subscribers to boost interest. There are several strategies to increase subscribers, but be careful to seek quality and expand your list organically.

Keeping track of unsubscribes tells you how well your material is received. If your unsubscribe rates are high, rethink your content and/or approach.

Wrap Up

If you want to maximize your email marketing strategy, track its results. 59% of B2B marketers feel email is their most successful medium for revenue creation.

These 4 metrics will tell you how your emails performed and how to optimize your next campaign.

  • Costs
  • Bounces
  • Rates
  • CTRs

One statistic can’t convey the whole picture. Just because you have high open rates doesn’t guarantee you’re converting subscribers, and vice versa.

Whatever your company’s most crucial statistic, email marketing is too powerful to ignore. Tracking your current campaign’s effectiveness helps you refine your email marketing approach, enhancing engagement and income.