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Is Email Marketing Hard? 5 Things Digital Marketers Need to Know

How do you wake up? After turning off the alarm, many customers check their email.

268 billion emails are sent every day. Your subscribers’ inboxes are likely filled like yours.

This may overwhelm marketers. How can you get through people’s loud inboxes and get action? How to start?

Email marketing isn’t terrifying.

Segmentation, personalisation, and automation should guide your plan.

In this piece, we’ll cover these email marketing fundamentals and how to avoid frequent pitfalls.

3 frequent email marketing errors

Some of these blunders stem from overcomplicating email marketing. Yes! There’s nearly always a method to tweak your plan to have a greater effect with less work.

First, consider these blunders (and how to avoid them).

  1. Test-avoiding

How would you tell whether you learnt from lectures without tests? Email marketing is similar. Instead of sending an email and hoping your fingers, test your content for long-term success.

Changing an email’s subject line raised’s open rate by 2.57% and CTR by 5.84%.

A/B testing requires just one change between variations at a time. Change just the email subject lines, not the button positioning.

Plan what to do with statistically significant data once you get it. Always test and learn what works and doesn’t, then adjust your plan.

  1. Not focusing on appearance

Unprofessional design can hurt your brand’s reputation among subscribers. Choosing visuals or photographs that follow your company’s brand rules helps increase client trust.

Template builders, stock picture libraries, and drag-and-drop design tools make it easy to create professional-looking emails.

Be consistent. Maintain brand consistency across all channels. 59% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Flume may inspire email design.

  1. Insufficient content time

Once you’re happy with your email’s appearance and feel, concentrate on its content.

Email content may be overthought. Think about what might make you open an email instead of deleting it. Is it catchy? No typos? Inspirational call-to-action?

We think it’s all of things, plus some effort behind the scenes to ensure emails are timely, tailored, and relevant. These adjustments may boost email engagement and revenue.

Consider Juno. This email presents a nice narrative, then offers a coupon:

Set your tone, utilize beautiful language, be succinct, keep it brief, and conclude with a clickable CTA.

Trends in email marketing

Now that we’re out of the potential-mistake zone, we can discuss modest modifications that generate results. Here are some email marketing basics for digital marketers.

  1. Drive engagement using segmentation

Emails shouldn’t be generic since customers aren’t.

Varied individuals with different activities and interests populate email lists. Marketers must segment content to meet consumer behaviour.

Creating email list segmentation may boost engagement, conversion rates, and client loyalty.

Segmentation basics

Neil Patel argues the more demographic information you can acquire at sign-up, the more segmentation choices you’ll have. Don’t overwhelm them. Determine what you’ll need: Where? Career? Or interests? Include them on your sign-up form and then segment.

Segment based on inbox opens and clicks. If someone hits a newsletter link on the finest burgers in America, you might establish a “Burger Enthusiast” part and send them suggested places, recipes, or reviews.

Date-based emails are a gain. They show customers you care and develop brand loyalty. Send birthday greetings to customers. On the customer’s half-birthday if you’re Michael’s.

  1. Personalize openings

As a marketer, every email you send should seem personal. Personalize!

If someone screamed “Hey you,” would you turn around? What if somebody said, “Hey [your name]!”? Would you turn then? Sure.

Email marketing is similar. Personalization boosts customer engagement. By selecting specialized information, they’ll feel like you’re speaking to them personally.

Email marketing difficult?

Email marketing difficult? With the correct tools, expertise, and imagination, no.

Test everything and focus on strong content and design. Implement segmentation, personalisation, and automation to make your emails stand out and boost engagement. You’ll manage.