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Four Content Types that Boost Ecommerce Marketing

You want followers, customers, and prospects to be able to locate your firm and eventually buy your items in this fast-paced internet environment. However, in today’s loud world, it might be difficult to get visibility.

Publishing relevant content that is valuable to your audience allows you to connect with them and, as a result, makes your marketing efforts more successful.

Here are five methods to utilize content to improve your ecommerce marketing approach.

Consider using video
It goes without saying that people like viewing videos. After all, as compared to text, videos convey a lot of material in a short period of time.

According to Recode, Facebook videos are viewed for around 100 million hours every day.

Certain sorts of videos are effective when it comes to promoting ecommerce firms. Here are three different kinds to try:

Product demonstrations – According to econsultancy, 96% of today’s buyers consider videos to be useful when making an online purchase.
Instructional videos – According to Search Engine Land, searches for the phrase “how to” on YouTube are increasing by 70% year over year.
Videos with strong emotions – You have a higher chance of convincing someone to purchase your items if you can access their emotional core. That is why films with the explicit objective of eliciting emotions do so well.

Make your own pictures
The point is that you must produce visuals that connect with your audience while also serving your business. This often entails developing original pictures rather than depending on stock photographs as placeholders.

These customized graphics may be used throughout the web, from email marketing to blog articles, landing websites, and social networking sites.

For example, we like the visuals used in emails by On, a running shoe company. The photos are bright, vivid, captivating, and unique to On.

On – Ecommerce Marketing – Custom Images
Source: Really Good Emails

Make blog entries for your target audience
While video content is popular, textual material continues to play an important part in ecommerce marketing efforts.

After all, the written word allows for elaboration and complexity. For the most SEO effect, make sure your blog is hosted on your website or ecommerce site.

Monica Vinader, a jewelry company, for example, offers written material via Monica’s World, a blog loaded with pieces on creator Monica, her trips, and the items.

Monica Vinader – Ecommerce Marketing – Blog Posts
Source: Really Good Emails

Experiment with interactive tools
Engaging your audience with interactive content is a terrific approach to do it. It allows you to communicate with current and future consumers, allowing them to get to know you better.

As a result, numerous ecommerce stores provide social media competitions, polls, and surveys.

Campaign Monitor – Email Marketing Scoreboard
Source: Really Good Emails

Sephora, on the other hand, provides Virtual Artist, an interactive mobile app that allows users to experiment on numerous cosmetic looks and learn from lessons.

Sephora – Ecommerce Email Marketing – Mobile App
Source: Really Good Emails


We’ve discussed five distinct strategies to utilize content to improve your ecommerce marketing approach. Remember that content is most effective when it is extremely relevant and tailored to your customers, so experiment with various kinds and forms to find what works best for different channels. Do more of what works when you discover it.