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Things to Start, Stop, and Keep Doing with Email Marketing

We all go into ruts and need a reminder to ensure that our email marketing techniques continue to engage and earn subscribers. After all, email is 40 times more successful than Facebook or Twitter in acquiring new clients, but it only works if you use it correctly.

Here are seven things you should start, stop, and continue doing this year to make your email marketing stand out.

Begin here…
Increasing the customization of your email campaigns

Subscribers respond to personalization, but many marketers still believe that adding the subscriber’s name to the subject line constitutes “personalization.” Don’t get us wrong: it’s a good strategy. According to studies, emails with customized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened. You can, however, do much more.

For example, Airfarewatchdog, a search engine for low-cost flights, sends out customised travel discounts based on a subscriber’s location and preferred destinations.

Airfarewatchdog Email Campaign – Personalization
Source: Really Good Emails

Sending emails that are not just promotional
A promo code or a notice about an impending VIP sale is excellent, but you should be providing much more than that. If your firm is a “promoholic,” it’s time to kick the habit.

Send an email encouraging readers to read a new blog post, publish a newsletter highlighting quarterly achievements, or thank customers for their support.

Brooklinen, for example, published an article with its members, thanking them for their help along the route.

Brooklinen – Email Marketing – Thank You Email
Source: Really Good Emails

Creating compelling calls to action
Every email has a call to action (CTA), but is yours effective?

Concentrate on the call to action in each email. To develop a compelling CTA, provide brief, clear instructions that lead the subscriber to make a purchase, download an eBook, or RSVP for an event.

Buttons are aesthetically attractive and catch the attention of readers, particularly those who read your email on a smartphone. Make the button stand out by increasing its size and using a bright color.

Flight Centre – Email Marketing Campaign - CTA
Source: Really Good Emails

Stop doing this…

Sending emails to subscribers who aren’t opening them
Most marketers are reluctant to remove members from their mailing lists. If, on the other hand, your subscribers aren’t interacting with your emails at all, it’s time to clear up your list and concentrate on the subscribers who adore you.

Graymail is when you send emails to subscribers who freely joined your list but aren’t opening any messages. If you continue to send graymail, your delivery rates may suffer.

Being responsive
Do you look through stats before sending an email to manually construct a new group of clients who opened your last email?

STOP generating emails in reply to the behaviors of your subscribers. Using automation may greatly simplify the whole process. Automation allows you to create triggers that send emails automatically depending on time or action.

Keep doing this…

Contact segmentation
Most marketers divide their subscribers into several divisions. Keep up the excellent job, whether you’ve divided your list by gender or area.

Take segmentation to new heights. For a more personalized email approach, go beyond demographic groups and start including purchasing patterns. For example, you may divide your list of female subscribers by age or purchasing history, and divide your list of males by prior purchases or purchasing frequency.

Information gathering
To properly segment lists, you must first understand your clients. It takes time to get to know your consumers, so continue to gather information.

Try to learn something new with each encounter. For example, when a consumer checks out online, request that they establish a profile. The more information you have, the more tailored and relevant your communications will be.

Penguin Random House, for example, invites its customers to pick book genres of interest using the choice center below.

Penguin Random House - Preference Center
Source: Really Good Emails

Subscribers may also quickly adjust their settings with small reminders. Check out the email below, as well as the reminder (next to the green arrow), which will assist subscribers in making adjustments to their book list:

Penguin Random House - Preference Center for Email Subscribers
Source: Really Good Emails


This year is full with opportunities to engage your audience. As long as you use the correct strategies, email marketing may help you capitalize on these chances.

Concentrate on getting to know your consumers and sending them individual communications. Use automation to improve the customizing process, and don’t be scared to purge your list of inactive subscribers.