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The Importance of Email Marketing in 2022 and Why you Should Care

Almost every brand employs digital marketing methods. However, many strategists want to know how to make the most out of their digital marketing investment while delivering the biggest return.

Over 56% of the world’s population has internet connectivity, and nearly everyone has an email account. As a result, the necessity of email marketing (and digital marketing in general) is greater than ever.

If you’re a digital marketer, you may be wondering how you might utilize email to reach out to your target audience with relevant material at the correct moment. Or maybe you’d want to learn how to include email into your digital marketing plan to best compliment other channels. Perhaps you’re interested about what exceptional email marketing will look like in 2022.

We’ll go over all of this and more to help you understand the importance of email marketing in 2022, as well as the tools you can use to make it work for you.

Everyone makes use of email
Radicati predicts that by 2022, 4.25 billion email users will have 1.86 email accounts on average. As of 2019, 4.33 billion people worldwide have internet connectivity, with 3.93 billion using email.

Individuals, particularly young people, often have two or more active email accounts. Many people use one email for personal matters (such as social networking and bills), another for mailing lists and brand advertising, and a third for work or business.

Because an email account is essential to perform many things online, such as sign up for Facebook or online banking, almost everyone with internet access has one.

Email is quite simple to create and deploy
Want to make eye-catching personalized emails on a shoestring budget? You may do exactly that if you join up with a trustworthy email service provider like Emma.

This is crucial for small companies because you can develop excellent email marketing campaigns on par with big-box brands even if you don’t know how to code.

Emma’s drag-and-drop builder works as follows.

Importance of email marketing for design and branding

Once you’ve finished designing your newsletter, announcement, or promotion, you can store your templates and use them to rapidly put together campaigns on the go.

The significance of email marketing in linking all other methods Email is one of the finest ways to promote all of your other marketing techniques since it allows you to communicate directly with your audience.

Social networking sites
Most email service providers feature pre-made footers with social networking icons in which you may insert connections to your Facebook, Twitter, or other social profiles.

You may also configure your campaigns to allow for quick social sharing. In other words, your subscribers may share a campaign by clicking a button or copying and pasting a URL, just as they would share a landing page.

Finally, you may include user reviews, posts, and your own social feeds so that your subscribers can interact with you wherever they go online.

Urban Outfitters sent this aesthetically appealing email to showcase their most popular Instagram pictures (and items). Keep an eye out for the share buttons at the bottom of the email as well.

Importance of email marketing for social media integration

Content promotion
Email is an excellent method for publicizing your greatest blog entries.

Permission-based advertising is preferred by 77% of individuals through email. Because it doesn’t often seem like it, it’s easy to forget that social media is officially permission-based.

People have given you their email address freely, so you know they want to hear from you and read your blog material.

According to Marketing Sherpa, 19% of individuals unsubscribe from email lists when businesses repeatedly attempt to offer them something. It is in your best interests to prioritize blog posts, podcasts, tips, tutorials, videos, infographics, and other helpful information through email above promotional material.

Beautiful newsletters and unique RSS feeds may help you make the most of your material. U.S. Outdoor Store’s email marketing consistently have the proper balance of fascinating content and promotions.

Importance of email marketing for content marketing

People who follow your social pages will not always see your postings unless you promote them (at a fee), therefore they are not the greatest locations to market something like a webinar.

Your email subscribers, on the other hand, actually want to hear from you, therefore they’ll be more likely to react positively to your webinars.

Actual occurrences
When it comes to event promotion, social media may be risky. To encourage people to act, you frequently need to provide a lot of useful information, yet the messages are presented out of context or out of sequence.

You may use email to construct an onboarding process for your events. It allows you to spend time discussing the participants and the purpose of the event. You can also simply include links that allow viewers to RSVP and add the event to their calendar.

Controlling your audience’s access and analytics
Email service providers do not keep your audience captive and force you to pay for analytics access. You can quickly learn about your subscribers and utilize that knowledge to enhance the effectiveness of future campaigns.

You may also maintain track of your most active and engaged subscribers, which will allow you to run retargeting ads (through email and social media) and always know where to focus your marketing efforts. You can also see patterns, trends, and potential new markets.

Importance of email marketing for audience analytics

Finishing Touches
Email marketing has risen in prominence over the last several years. We’ve covered a lot in this post, so here are a few key points we hope you’ll remember:

Almost everyone who has access to the internet has at least one active email account.
All of your digital marketing initiatives may be easily integrated via email.
Email marketing allows you to develop personal interactions with your target audience.
Your subscribers have influence over the connection, which is a wonderful thing.