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The Best Types of Email for Every Type of Subscriber

Behavioral marketing is used to adjust your emails to each kind of subscriber. In order to tailor your emails, you must first gather information about the interests of your users.

Here are the top 5 email formats you should use depending on your subscribers’ actions. These emails will provide them more pertinent information while also attempting to boost your client retention rates.

the recent email signup
The welcome email you send to your subscribers is the first—and maybe most crucial—email you’ll ever send. Whether the buyer is new to your company or has just made their first purchase from you, this is crucial to starting the discussion.

The long-term engagement of customers who get welcome emails is 33% higher than that of non-recipients. This is mostly because these clients have shown interest in your company and are eager to learn more about you.

You may select to send a variety of welcome emails, including the following:

The email of gratitude: You might decide to express gratitude to your subscribers for signing up for your mailing list and to tell them more about what they can anticipate from your emails. They become more trustworthy and feel appreciated as a result.
The email in question: You can decide to highlight your brand in your welcome email in an effort to encourage more transactions. It must be eye-catching and clearly demonstrate how you differ from the competition. This is fantastic if you know your members are eager to discover the advantages of joining your mailing list.
The deal: This email encourages your consumers to shop with you. It’s the ideal opportunity to attempt to turn them into a client since you’ve already had their attention (they just signed up to hear more!). Coupon vouchers are quite alluring and help people feel appreciated.

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The non-subscriber
As there are three forms of inactivity—initial, partial, and complete—crucial it’s to avoid grouping all of your inactive subscribers together.

Inactive subscribers at first
This subscriber is one who abandoned the onboarding process or who did not complete their email preference profile. It’s crucial to work to regain this momentum at this point since, if you do, it won’t be easy to do so.

Email is a useful tool for this

Send your subscriber a polite reminder to urge them to go on to the next stage of their customer journey. For instance, Rdio encourages users in this email to finish the account registration process.

Rdio reminds subscribers to complete their account registration.
Source: Really Good Emails

Mostly Dormant Subscribers
These subscribers aren’t taking use of your brand’s full potential. They could simply be utilizing a portion of your services, for instance, or they might not have downloaded the companion app to your website.

You could want to send them an email that highlights additional benefits they can get from you in order to completely engage them. Users can see all the numerous ways the tool integrates with their work in this email from Asana.

Asana shows users all of the different ways the tool fits in with their work.
Source: Really Good Emails

Fully Dormant Subscribers
What do you have to lose by attempting to get a subscriber who isn’t communicating with you at all back?

Remind these subscribers why they first joined your email list by trying once again. To show subscribers what they’re missing, you may want to go all out with your email design and pour your heart and soul into it.

For instance, this email from Teespring serves as a reminder to the user of how effective their campaigns with them have been.

This user is reminded by Teespring just how effective their campaigns have been working with them.

Teespring reminds this user exactly how successful their campaigns have been with them
Source: Really Good Emails

The user of transactional services
When it comes to increasing interaction, this is an email that is sometimes missed. The essential information included in notifications, invoices, order confirmations, reports, and similar documents is not considered to be a possible marketing tactic.

On the other hand, when someone subscribes to your emails, they also anticipate receiving transactional emails. Due to their full attention, these emails are excellent candidates for website interaction.

The open rate of transaction emails is eight times that of promotional emails.

Huckberry shows other relevant trending products that customers may like.
Source: Really Good Emails

These prompted emails also guarantee that your clients have the greatest possible user experience. Additionally, you may utilize them to your advantage as you learn to know your clientele.

Observe how people are using your goods or services. Then, make adjustments to make your campaigns even more relevant and interesting.

The current customer
You could have some clients who are still active and utilizing your services in addition to those who are making purchases from you. It’s crucial to send life cycle emails to keep them from becoming dormant.

Emails about milestones, emails about your web surfing history, and tailored suggestions are a few examples of the kinds of emails you may send.

First, when a user interacts with your website in a certain manner, you may start a milestone email. This promotes repetition of conduct.

Users are encouraged to submit additional reviews after receiving this email from Premier Agent congratulating them on their 50th.

Premier Agent congratulates users on their 50th review, encouraging them to get more.
Source: Really Good Emails

Second, a surfing history email makes effective use of the information you have been acquiring about your subscribers. As a result, a consumer who browses a certain category on your website can get an email that’s relevant to their most recent search. This email enables you to ask for assistance much like a salesman may while you’re looking at something in a shop.

This Ralph Lauren email is an excellent illustration of it.

Ralp Lauren sends emails relevant to users recent search
Source: Really Good Emails

Additionally, tailored suggestions leverage the information you’ve gathered to give your subscribers pertinent material. Based on a prior purchase, download, or enquiry, maybe.

Alvor email based on a previous purchase, download, or inquiry.
Source: Really Good Emails

The committed customer
The last group of subscribers could not be using your website or making any purchases from you. They could, however, be accessing and reading your emails. You must encourage this behavior and work to turn it into a sale.

Offer a VIP deal to these subscribers to make them feel special. Because you promised these benefits when they signed up for your emails, and they can now see that you keep your promise, it also helps to increase brand loyalty.

This Flywheel email is very well-written. It not only gives recipients a sense of exclusivity, but it also informs them of the benefits of using Flywheel’s services.

Flywheel makes recipients feel special but also educates them about why they need Flywheel’s services.
Source: Really Good Emails

You can also decide to attempt and determine what these clients are specifically searching for. Sending out surveys is one way to do this. Just make sure it’s simple for them to provide their feedback, and you may combine that with the VIP offer to persuade them to do so.

Emails that often nudge clients to engage with your company further are a crucial component of any successful customer retention strategy.

By covering all of these various subscribers with these kinds of emails, you can assist guarantee that no one is lost in the process. You’ll foster consumer loyalty, which is essential for boosting sales and profitability.