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How to add an emoji to email subject line

Learn more about how to use an emoji in your email subject line.

The subject line is one of the most important features of your email. It’s like the title on a book cover, or even the book cover itself – it needs to encourage your recipient to take a closer look. Your mail is competing with a lot of other emails in the inbox, so consider adding an emoji to help jazz things up.

We added a new tool for senders that will help them achieve that. You can now easily add emojis to email subject line.

Not sure what an emoji is? No problem – an emoji is just a graphical smiley or icon representing some item or emotion. It fits nicely into a subject line and can help you highlight content. Do you want to advertise party products? Add balloons icons! Do you have a special Easter sale? Try out a cute bunny.  Your imagination is your only limit. Emojis are a great way to express and incite emotion and interest. They also make your messages stand out in the inbox.

How to add an emoji to email subject line?

It’s easy. When you create your campaign from the Dashboard, go to the Subject field and click the smiley icon on the right-hand side. This will open the emoji menu. From there just select icon you like and add it.

You can have multiple emojis – but try to not overwhelm your recipient with them – too many graphic elements can make your subject unreadable or too silly.

Remember to test emails before sending.

Always test your emails before launching your campaign. Each mail client may display emojis differently – and something that appeared attractive on your preview screen may look underwhelming on recipient inbox.

Be careful about replacing words with emojis – if a mail client does not support your icon, users may get confused when they receive an incomplete or incorrect subject line.