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How Email Marketing can Change your Business Growth in 2022

Well… if you haven’t been following the trends on the go, you’ll be surprised to see how much things have evolved.

The beginning of a new year brings changes. It’s the perfect timing for people to set new goals and make new commitments. It’s no different for businesses. The owners and marketing experts think about new methods that would encourage the business growth of their projects. This is the perfect timing for you to set up a fresh email marketing campaign. It won’t be entirely different from the one you already maintained. However, it will introduce new techniques that follow the trends and the growing needs of your audience.

Email marketing has tons of potential to push your business forward. When you do it properly, it brings you the results you expect. Let’s see how exactly email marketing can affect the growth of your brand in 2022.

Non-spammy messages will bring more visits to your site

Who likes spam?

No one.

Still, people keep receiving them. Sometimes, although someone subscribed to your email list, the messages will end up in the spam folder. To avoid that, you’ll have to send messages that your subscribers want and expect to get.

Through the subscription form, you should offer them an opportunity to opt for the types of emails they want. Some will only opt for informational messages, others will want sales offers and some will want it all. As the subscriber gains more control over what they receive in their inbox, their engagement levels will rise. They will open their messages and take the actions that you recommend. Naturally, Gmail will not recognize such messages as spam.

Conversion rate optimization is a real thing

When you’re developing content for the web, what’s your main focus? Search engine optimization. You’re optimizing the content for the search engine so your target audience will easily find it. But that’s not all you care about. Most of all, you care about conversions.

When developing an email marketing campaign, you have great opportunities to turn leads into customers. When you offer special deals and you personalize the messages, people will find your offers irresistible. But how good are you at creating conversions via email, exactly?  

During 2019, CRO should be the main metric you analyze. As Moz defines it, “Conversion rate optimization is the systematic process of increasing the percentage of website visitors who take the desired action – be that filling out a form, becoming customers, or otherwise.” When you relate it to email marketing, such optimization allows you to get more value from the subscribers you already have.

In July 2018, MarTech Advisor published experts’ opinions about setting the CRO agenda for 2018 and beyond. This is what Carl Tsukahara from Optimizely said: “All channels should be measured via experimentation to uncover evidence of their standalone and combined impact on a variety of commercial objectives and metrics.”

This is more than measuring metrics regarding landing pages and sales pages. It’s about the performance of your website and the email marketing campaign as a whole. It’s about measuring how your business grows thanks to email marketing.  

Email might take priority over social media

In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg caused a lot of attention with a post that announced a major change in Facebook’s news feeds. It wasn’t just a vain announcement; we soon saw the effects of this shift. Facebook went back to its roots – bringing us closer to friends and family. It stopped showing us content from pages. In the news feeds, we now see updates from our friends, family, and groups. And ads. Tons of ads!

The problem is that Facebook ads require an investment and a lot of work for you to make them effective. A survey from 2017 found that 62% of small business owners missed their targets with Facebook advertising. This doesn’t mean that Facebook advertising is ineffective. Social media is still a major focus in online marketing campaigns. However, this type of advertising is getting more demanding. Email was simple and has remained simple.

It’s time to shift your focus a bit. Of course, you’ll still be present on social media, but moving email up on your list of priorities will be a good decision.

Lionel Gorski, a marketing expert from EduGeeks Club, agrees: “Through email, you’re sending promotional messages that are honest and direct. You’re trying to sell something and the recipient knows that. They subscribed because they want to get such messages from you. So if they like your offer, they will go and get the product or service. When you compare it to social media promotion, this is a much more honest and reliable way to promote a business.”

Long-form content returns

There’s an interesting experiment that the team from Buffer did back in 2015. They stopped publishing new blog content for an entire month. Instead, they focused on refreshing and repurposing content from their archives. They also created resources like email courses, eBooks, and SlideShare. The email courses, in particular, were a big hit. The first one got 17,817 signups, and the last course had 18,185 signups in six days.  

You see?

It’s no wonder why an increasing number of business owners decide to hire a writer who can develop such articles for them. Online marketing is not just about publishing new content. It’s mostly about delivering value to the target audience. That’s where your email marketing campaign can be really successful. Email is the perfect medium for sharing long-form content. The recipient doesn’t have to read the entire message right away. If they don’t have time for it, they will simply mark it as important and go back to it later on.

Advanced segmenting leads to conversions

The processes of targeting and segmenting are getting smarter. You’re getting more data from all over the place, so it’s about time to put it to good use.

The emails that are segmented and targeted will account for a large percent of all earnings. How is that possible? Well, you’ll be delivering specific, personalized content to the part of your audience that’s most likely to engage with it. If, for example, a lead has visited a particular page of your website on multiple occasions, you’ll target them with an offer that prompts them toward the final action.

One thing is certain: Email marketing is not going anywhere

2022 will be the year of email marketing. Social media advertising is getting more expensive. Plus, many people use ad blockers, so they won’t even see your content. Influencers are no longer as influential as they used to be. Of course; you’ll still focus on those channels. Their potential is still huge. But, maybe it’s time to shift the focus a bit toward good-old email marketing.