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Four Successful Email Opt-In Strategies (And Examples)

Email marketing is a terrific approach to increase traffic, nurture leads, and make revenue, according to top marketers. And it’s easy to understand why when you look at the facts. Email marketing has a 4400% ROI on average, with every dollar invested returning $44.

However, with all of this wonderful news comes one major issue: getting someone to sign up for your email list is difficult. Offers, discounts, and promotions are inundating people. It’s getting more difficult to persuade consumers to give you their email address when they’re receiving communications from so many other sources.

However, this does not rule out the possibility. Here are four tried-and-true methods for increasing your email opt-in rate and growing your list.

Use lead generation strategies
Almost every website that wants to collect emails and develop their list includes sidebars with monotonous, ineffective calls to action (CTAs). Furthermore, utilizing the same approaches for decades yields declining profits.

For example, when huge businesses initially used live chat, it was only for support. So, instead of calling a hotline or sending an email and waiting days for a response, consumers could speak with a live sales representative.

However, live chat is currently a tremendous success for lead generation. It’s quickly becoming an indispensable tool for client onboarding and lead generation.

Drift, for example, recently removed all forms from their website and replaced them with live chat as their main lead generation method. When you visit their website, you are greeted with a live-chat interaction message.

For example, Drift recently stripped their site of forms and used live chat as their sole lead gen tool. When landing on their site, you’re prompted with a live-chat engagement message.


According to their data, of the people who clicked on the opening message, 63% became leads on their list.

Similarly, Directive Consulting is using the same strategy, engaging potential clients the moment they land on site.


This method helps to (1) rapidly qualify prospective leads and (2) gather emails for their list in a natural, conversational way.

As a confirmation step, use double opt-in
Double opt-in is the most effective technique to guarantee that your subscribers are committed and eager to receive your messages. With a single opt-in method, anybody who knows your email address may use it to sign you up for undesired lists. Most consumers are now cautious of organizations that still employ the single opt-in technique.

email example - opt-in strategies

Improve your content marketing techniques
Subscribers want to hear about your goods, but they also want to know about you. When shared with a larger audience than those who first signed up, newsletters and regular features promote a content-rich campaign.

PDF blog entries, cheat sheets, webinars, and knowledge base articles are examples of content updates. When utilized correctly, any of these tactics may enhance your lead generation and, more significantly, establish a connection between you and your subscribers.

Make provision for comments
Using a survey or opinion poll allows recipients to interact with your business or service while also providing useful information for future content or marketing initiatives.

email example - opt in strategies

Use exit intent pop-ups (they still work)
Exit intent boxes are pop-up-style functions that display when a user moves their mouse to exit a current window. For example, if you arrived at a website, viewed a few pages, and then moved your mouse to close the tab, the website would launch a pop-up to lure you to stay.

Unlike light boxes or immediate pop-ups that appear when you initially visit the site, they appear just when visitors are ready to depart, reducing the danger of bothering them while also providing you one more chance to drive a registration. There’s almost no disadvantage since people are going to leave your site.

Keep exit-intent popups simple, like Search Engine Journal does. Search Engine Journal entices consumers to acquire a free eBook containing quality material in return for a simple email exchange by using social proof (“Join 23,857 marketers and counting”).


Improve your CTA offerings
Nobody wants another email clogging up an already congested and confused inbox, which means your entrance cost is greater. This implies that your offer must be fantastic.

If you want greater conversion rates, your button wording and value proposition must be on point—rather than the standard call-to-action buttons and employing “subscribe” links, which might turn consumers off.

Persuade them that they can’t leave without this bargain, and that providing you their email is a no-brainer given the value they’ll get in return. Birchbox use a light-box to bring attention to their email registration form and informs site visitors of what they will get if they do so.


To do this, ensure that your button copy and value proposition address the following crucial question: What is the most crucial, immediate advantage that a user will get by clicking? Will they, for example: increase your standing by six places? 32% increase in email open rates?

Check out how ContentVerve used these concepts to encourage signups.


To engage social users, use Facebook lead advertisements
You’ve probably gotten a lot of attention on social media. Many companies rely heavily on Facebook Ads to raise exposure. It is your responsibility to capitalize on such advertisements and complement your efforts with email.

Even if your Facebook page receives little traffic, you may use lookalike audiences to target consumers that have similar interests as your present customers, providing you a chance to reach new targets and gather loads of leads.

Ads may be used to collect email addresses. Take a look at this Facebook Lead Ad from The Skimm, for example.

the-skimm-facebook-lead-ad recently employed the similar strategy, utilizing lead-based advertisements to acquire addresses for their list. They reduced their average cost per email acquisition by 80% by using Lead Ads.


To begin, create a new campaign in Facebook Ads Manager and choose “Lead generation” as your main goal.

Email is a critical sales generator for many firms throughout the globe. Compared to other marketing strategies, it offers a great return on investment. However, none of this matters if you can’t get people to subscribe to your mailing list. People nowadays get hundreds of emails every day simply at work, not to mention all of the promotional information they receive from businesses.