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The Top Eight Thanksgiving Email Examples & Campaigns for Inspiration

As digital marketers rush to prepare for Black Friday and holiday marketing, it’s easy to miss the impact of Thanksgiving emails.

You may be wondering why you should bother with Thanksgiving email advertising at all. What good is a Thanksgiving email if your company does not concentrate around food? Shouldn’t you be focusing your efforts on the forthcoming Christmas shopping season?

Big blunder. Thanksgiving emails may help your bottom line in a variety of ways.

Here are eight suggestions of how to make the most of the Thanksgiving vacation this holiday season:

Rooms for living
Non-traditional Christmas gatherings are popular right now. This email from Living Spaces nails it by emphasizing the importance of furnishings for Friendsgiving. The high-quality images are ideal for introducing readers to autumn accents and style.

The colors are also on target, and the email was most likely sent out in time for readers to buy new furnishings for their Christmas gatherings.

thanksgiving email campaigns


When it comes to complete Thanksgiving email marketing, Ibotta genuinely outshines the competition.

Why should the reader turn elsewhere for their holiday basics, from holiday meal preparation to post-party housekeeping and after-dinner refreshments like tea?

To top it all off, Ibotta concludes the email with a CTA citing Friendsgiving and inviting users to receive $50 cash back by referring friends to join up.

best thanksgiving email campaigns


This email contains user-generated Instagram photographs and offers a wonderful thank you message. Brandless understands that their firm would not exist without the support of its devoted consumers, thus they are glad to dedicate a thank you email to expressing their gratitude.

Brandless clearly knows their target audience. And that audience is concerned in giving back to their communities. As a result, the email informs recipients that Brandless has contributed 100,000 meals as part of their continuing engagement with Feeding America.

As frosting on the cake, Brandless included a CTA at the bottom of the email for a free guided meditation session to help customers deal with their holiday stress.

what are the best thanksgiving email campaigns


Even if you don’t sell food, you may capitalize on the food trend by including mouth-watering food imagery in your Thanksgiving email advertising.

Casper’s email is simple yet powerful. The gray and orange hues complement the peaceful atmosphere they’re attempting to convey while still keeping on trend for the autumn holiday.

thanksgiving email campaigns


Uber does an excellent job of putting oneself in the shoes of its customers and recognizing their pain points. The ridesharing firm is aware that consumers spend a significant amount of time travelling and traveling throughout the Christmas season.

Their email urges consumers to book their airport transportation early in order to be on time for their journey. The CTA isn’t intrusive; it merely invites readers to discover more about how it works.

To top it all off, the email campaign has a festive GIF backdrop with soothing, themed colors. You may, like Uber, discover innovative and intriguing methods to make your subscribers’ life a little simpler during Thanksgiving weekend and emphasize these benefits in your holiday email marketing campaign.

Flying to the feast? ✈️
Source: Really Good Emails

The Humane Society

The Humane Society recognizes the value of interactive emails in increasing reader engagement.

Their Thanksgiving newsletter reminds readers that when they contribute, they are contributing to the larger good. Meanwhile, the interactive graphic encourages readers to browse around and discover what their contributions have contributed to.

Despite the lack of whitespace, the Humane Society’s email is packed of comforting visuals and simple colors to maintain the aesthetic warm and cuddly.

thanksgiving email campaigns
Source: Really Good Emails

J. Crew

Despite the fact that they sell garments rather than foodstuffs, J. Crew performs a fantastic job of capturing its members’ attention by exploiting the appeal of food.

The 50% off bargain is very appealing. It’s difficult to pass down an offer like that when J. Crew knows their readers have a lot of Christmas shopping to do, not to mention all the holiday parties they’ll attend.

The warm yellow hue is strong enough to provide some enthusiasm without overpowering the email’s overall Thanksgiving tone.

J. Crew also informs readers that they may take advantage of special savings by buying online or showing their email coupon in-store.

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Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising, a firm that offers high-quality picture albums, recognizes the emotional importance of the perfect image at the right moment.

With a lovely picture and an emotional message from the team, this email wonderfully encapsulates what Thanksgiving signifies.

The dark but warm hues are ideal for connecting with the holiday spirit, and the CTA at the bottom isn’t unpleasant or invasive. It just reminds readers of the services offered by Artifact Uprising (which just so happen to make excellent gifts).

thanksgiving email examples
Source: Really Good Emails


Thanksgiving email campaigns are an excellent way to engage with your readers on a more personal level. Let them know you care about them as well as the broader good.

Use Thanksgiving to demonstrate how you give back to the community with charitable promotions and generous discounts for loyal consumers. For some tailored content that your audience would truly love, provide your readers ideas for coping with Christmas stress and methods you may make their life a bit easier.

To genuinely connect with your readers, adopt a calm style with plenty of whitespace and high-quality images.

Understanding your audience is, as always, the key to excellent email marketing. From there, you may decide how to best assist them throughout Thanksgiving weekend and throughout the year.