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6 Ideas for Where to Start in Email Marketing

Email is one of the most effective marketing mediums. After all, it has been demonstrated to provide a $44 ROI for every $1 invested.

But there is a lot to learn. First-time email marketers have a lot to learn, from automation to personalisation to list development. In this piece, we’ll teach you how to design a successful email marketing campaign.

Increase your list by providing value

Without an email list, you cannot launch a successful email marketing campaign. Because the purpose of email is to communicate. The more engaged individuals your messaging can reach, the more value email marketing will provide your company.

Growing your list may seem to be a big task, but it does not have to be. In fact, if you already have clients, you don’t have to start again.

Your current clients can only carry you so far; to get the most out of email marketing, you need a consistent supply of subscribers, and there is a simple method to achieve it.

Consider how FreshBooks gathers email addresses from website visitors by providing a free eBook with value.

FreshBooks - Collect Email Addresses Onlin

Make attractive, straightforward emails

Let’s face it: some emails are hideous. The text provides no breathing space and seems to never stop. The colors are difficult to see, and you may scan the whole email twice without understanding what it is about. You may return to your inbox later.

So, how can you avoid having that impact on individuals with your emails? You don’t need a design degree to send out great emails.

In reality, just understanding a few concepts is sufficient to guarantee that every email you send looks fantastic and effectively conveys its content.

To get you started, here are a few email design tips:

  • Use the inverted pyramid technique: A bold title should draw attention to your emails. Then, with a fascinating body, create interest before concluding with a call to action. This gives it the appearance of an upside-down pyramid and draws attention to it.
  • Make your call to action stand out: Your CTA should quickly grab the attention of your readers.
  • Increase the amount of white space: Because more people are reading emails on mobile devices, including more white space in the body of your email will increase its readability.
  • Use single columns to eliminate distractions and to quickly express what the reader should concentrate on.
  • Make it scannable: Because most people scan before they read, if your email text is lengthy, use subheadings to separate vital ideas.

See how Speck uses the inverted pyramid and other design techniques to produce an engaging email.

Speck – Captivating Email Design

Create persuading messages

So you’ve got a growing list, your email looks beautiful; all you need to do now is fill it with content. You must ensure that everything in the email pushes people to act.

You no longer need to be a skilled copywriter to produce amazing emails, particularly if staring at a blank page makes you nervous. Here are some questions you may ask yourself to help you produce more appealing content every time.

  • What am I hoping my readers will do? Never send an email until you know what you want your recipients to do. For example, you could want people to read an article, purchase a product, or register for an event. Knowing what you want your readers to do results in clearer, more convincing emails.
  • Who will be reading this? This simple inquiry enables you to see the recipients of your email campaign. This will impact how you communicate certain things, such as the words you employ and even the length of your content.
  • What are my readers interested in? Finally, copywriting is not mind control. If your email provides little value to the reader, they will have little motivation to act.
  • Would I be pleased if this email arrived in my inbox? This is an excellent technique to check if you’re on the correct route. If you answered no to this question, you need to give more value.

Personalization may be used to increase relevance

According to a study we did, the most successful email methods employed by marketers were email list segmentation and customized emailing.

In fact, according to an Evergage survey, personalization has helped 96% of marketers strengthen client connections. Furthermore, 88% of those polled believe that their clients and prospects demand a customized experience.

Personalization clearly generates results, and it’s simple to see why. Wouldn’t you rather interact with an email that was tailored to your specific requirements and expectations? The greatest method to stand out in today’s overloaded inbox is to provide meaningful and targeted communications.

The more tailored your emails are, the better they will perform. However, personalization extends beyond just choosing a first name.

An example of a highly tailored transactional email from GasBuddy is shown below.

GasBuddy - Personalized Transactional Email Marketing

Create a connection with your subscribers

Do you want to discover the simplest approach to increase your email engagement rates? What is the best strategy to guarantee that the individuals you contact read your emails, click through to your offer, and convert? Simply establish a bond with them; this is referred to as nurturing.

People purchase from people they believe in, and email marketing enables you to do it more successfully than any other medium. The reason your email isn’t doing as well as you’d planned may not be down to weak subject lines or poor wording.

It might be because you haven’t created a connection with your subscribers; merely contacting them when you need something from them does not improve your relationship with them. Your email list is just as useful as the quality of your relationships with your subscribers.

And sending something beneficial to your subscribers on a daily basis is the simplest method to create a connection with them.

Combine email and social media for increased reach

What are the similarities between your email and social channels? Many things come to mind, but one that stands out is the magnitude of the crowd. Starting with email marketing is similar to starting with social media. The first step is to compile a mailing list of subscribers or followers.

Once you’ve begun, you may combine your growing efforts. Look for possible email subscribers in your social audience. Integrate a link to subscribe to your newsletter in your social profiles and articles, and include user-generated material in your newsletter. In your email newsletter, cover popular themes and hot hashtags that your subscribers are interested in. When you mix these two channels, the possibilities are endless.

Once you’ve gotten started, you can combine your growth efforts. Comb your social audience for potential email subscribers.

Four separate samples are previewed in this email. Try searching on social media for the larger category of tech, and you’ll undoubtedly discover these four themes trending high in that area. You may tag all of those themes when advertising an email like this on your social channels.

Consider the potential traffic and the amount of tech enthusiasts who will be eager to join up.

Landing page links work well in emails

As marketers, we all have pages on our websites that we want millions of people to see. The aim is similar once you understand how to get started with email marketing. You want both to get a lot of attention. If that’s the case, why not promote them simultaneously?

As marketers, we all have pages on our site we want millions of eyes on. Once you learn how to get started with email marketing, you will find the goal is similar.

This example is jam-packed with CTA buttons to various retail pages. Not only is the email generating traffic to the shop, but it’s also directing traffic to certain categories. The organization is beneficial to both the site and the reader. Readers will always appreciate the ability to reach where they want to go with fewer clicks.

Blogs keep your emails up to date.

People will remain subscribed if your emails are new and entertaining every time they are opened. Even better, they’ll continue to respond to your emails. Consider adding material from and links to your blog in your email marketing to liven it up.

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So, if you have a dynamite title that is certain to garner hits from its home site, you may utilize the same phrase in your email, perhaps even as the CTA or subject line.

Wrap up

Email marketing is a strong tool for growing your company that isn’t going away anytime soon. To get the most out of each email you send, you must first expand your list, then design better emails, write better text, personalize your emails, create a connection with your subscribers, and finally measure to improve.