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4 of the Best Email Marketing Campaign Examples We’ve Ever Seen

When it comes to your email marketing campaigns, do you ever feel like you’re at a standstill? Possibly you do not feel inspired, or perhaps you are at a loss as to how to capture the attention of your audience. Whatever the circumstances may be, we completely comprehend how unsettling and discouraging it can be to feel like one is at a standstill.

You have to remember to step away from your own work every once in a while, take a break, and look at the world around you in order to jog your creative juices. It’s possible that something in the natural world, something you saw on TV, or a book you read has inspired you.

All of these are wonderful ways to clear your thoughts and make room in your life for inspiration to begin working its wonders. Taking a look at some examples of successful email marketing campaigns is another method you can use to generate ideas for your marketing strategy.

Getting inspiration for your own email design from seeing how other people design their emails, both in terms of the content and the graphics, can be helpful. Every single day, millions of businesses participate in email marketing by sending out their messages. What does that imply for you moving forward? It indicates that there is a plethora of opportunities to find inspiration!

The following are just four examples of successful email marketing campaigns that motivated us, and we are confident that they will do the same for you. You should start incorporating the aspects of each example that you like into your overall strategy for the campaign. Your imaginative juices are going to start flowing before you know it.

Step one: First thing you need to do is explain to your readers right away why you’re writing to them.

1. Rapha

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Everyone is very pressed for time. (Or say everyone says, right?) When people open their email inbox, the first thing they want to do is determine the purpose of the email that has been sent to them by another person. The answer to the question “why should I care?” should be presented to the reader as soon as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than being under a time pressure and having to read endlessly in an email before you can understand what the sender is trying to say.

If you do this only once, your subscribers will most likely forgive you for it. If you do it several times, your emails will either end up unread, deleted, or even worse, you may wind up with a greater percentage of people opting out of receiving your messages altogether.

One excellent illustration of this is the cycling clothing company known as Rapha.

Sale: The sale is presented in a manner that is uncomplicated, uncomplicated, and gets right to the point. The layout of the email is also quite straightforward. They’ve got a great graphic beneath the word “sale,” and the rest of the email is just going to provide you some information about the deal. They do not inform you about each and every item that is currently on sale. They do little more than stir the hunger. The next step, if you’re still interested, is to click on the hot pink call to action button on their website.

Key takeaway: The most important thing to remember is to keep the layout and the content straightforward, and to explain to your audience right away the purpose behind your writing.

2. Bebe

email marketing campaign examples 2.jpg

Bebe is a clothing company that does an excellent job of keeping things simple and getting straight to the point.

They are writing in order to make their readers aware of a sale. The readers are aware of this right away, and they are also made aware of some fairly essential information right from the beginning. This is the type of information that you don’t want to have to go seeking for after the prospect of a sale has piqued your interest.

They instruct you to do this:

  • How big of a discount you receive
  • That there will only be discounts available for a short time only
  • That you are eligible to get a discount of 20% on anything else found on their website
  • When you go to check out, you’ll need to use this code in order to get your discount.

Key takeaway: The most important thing to remember is to explain to your readers straight away the motivation for your work. You should provide them with as much relevant information as you can while avoiding sending them an email that is as long as the next Great American Novel.

Step two: The second step is to customize your emails as much as you possibly can.

3. The Greenbank Hotel

email marketing campaign examples 3.jpg

The marketing staff at The Greenbank Hotel does an excellent job of making guests feel like they are in a comfortable environment. This is a wonderful illustration of how a welcome email should look.

The hotel staff makes it very clear to the patron immediately how significant they see their relationship with the establishment. In a general sense, they will be attended to in an opulent manner and pampered. Do the posts on their website not entice you to make a reservation at the hotel they run?

The fact that they are soliciting input from customers is another another useful function of this email. First, they let the client know how vital they are to the company, and then they inform the consumer that their input is equally as essential as the value they provide to the company.

You will, on occasion, be required to solicit comments from the members of your audience. Give them an explanation as to why you want their input, such as the fact that you want to improve your communications, goods, or services for their benefit. You should do all in your power to demonstrate to them that you value them and the contributions that they make.

Key takeaway: The most crucial thing to remember is that personalization is highly vital. Find how to add a more personal touch to your email marketing and provide your audience with a more engaging and satisfying experience. A side benefit is that you will be much easier to recall if you do this. It is an excellent approach to differentiate yourself from the tens to hundreds of emails that your audience gets on a daily basis.

4. Converse

email marketing campaign examples 4.jpg

Converse is an old brand that dates back to the early 1900s. They congratulate their followers and tell the tale of their journey via emails that they send out to their subscribers.

They do really make use of their email marketing on occasion in order to publicize the introduction of a brand-new product. On the other hand, this isn’t the only reason why they send emails. If that were the case, they are probably not going to have nearly as much success with their emails.

It is preferable for your firm to have a fantastic product, but it is not the only factor that will determine whether or not it makes a sale. You need to have an excellent message, and you need to make sure that it is one that really connects with the people who are listening to you.

The following phrases are included in this specific email from the marketers:

  1. Using a video to demonstrate how their fans have been an integral part of their brand all along.
  2. Announcing to their audience that they would be collaborating with a renowned designer. The announcement of a new product is always wonderful, but for fashionistas, hearing about a new product designed by a well-known designer is much more exciting.

Key takeaway: The most essential point here is that personalization plays a very crucial role in your email marketing strategy. It should not just be used as a means of addressing each subscriber (Dear [subscribers name],). Discover as much as you can about the people who read your emails, then utilize what you’ve learned to compose messages that speak directly to their goals, needs, and interests.

Wrap up

If you’ve recently found yourself stuck in a creative rut about your email marketing campaign, you don’t need to seek any farther for inspiration than the many instances of email marketing campaigns that are all around you.

Take a look at what other businesses are doing, determine what aspects of those endeavors most interest you or what aspects you believe would be appealing to your audience, and then act on your conclusions.

And don’t forget to:

  • Make sure there is a distinct call to action.
  • You should try to personalize your emails as much as you can.
  • Inquire about the opinions of your audience.
  • Create content that speaks to your audience in a way that they can relate to.

If you do this, your emails will stand out amid the multitude of emails that your subscribers get on a daily basis.