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Black Friday Email Marketing: The Best Day to Email Customers

Before delving too far, consider the average optimal send dates. The most important benchmarks to keep an eye on are your best day for email openings and your best day for the greatest click-throughs. These indicators not only show that your audience is opening and reading your email contents, but they also show that your readers are interested in what you’re giving, at least enough to visit your website to learn more.

During our latest analysis, we discovered that Thursdays had the greatest email open rates, with an average open rate of 18.6%. Surprisingly, Tuesdays were the best days for the highest average click-through rate.

It’s worth noting that these figures vary somewhat each industry, and although working with the average is a good starting point, you may be more interested in the best days for your unique business.

Knowing when your emails are opened is great, but knowing when your audience clicks on to your website may be more valuable. Based on the best click-through rate per industry, here’s what we discovered.

When should you begin delivering your Black Friday email campaigns?

Knowing these industry norms is a good starting point, but how can you utilize them to direct your Black Friday email campaign?

To get the most out of your Black Friday marketing, create enthusiasm first, then follow it up with a feeling of urgency. This implies that your Black Friday email campaign should be spaced out over many days, if not a few weeks.

We don’t recommend sending out Black Friday emails in September, but you can try doing so in late October or early November.

This is an excellent moment to send out a Black Friday sneak peek email to help generate anticipation among your readers. To keep your readers excited in the campaign, send them a weekly sneak peek leading up to Black Friday week, gradually disclosing your finest discounts.

Throughout the week leading up to Black Friday, you may begin to instill a feeling of urgency among your readers. If your team wants to take advantage of the greatest day for click-through rates, send your first email on Tuesday, followed by a reminder on Thursday. Your readers will visit your website to get a sense of what you have in store for them on the big day. They may also open the message on Thursday to remind themselves of your offers.

Finally, sending a reminder email early Friday with a countdown timer indicating how many hours readers have left to take advantage of your bargains is an excellent method to create tension and urgency.


The changing seasons are just one sign that it’s time to start preparing your Black Friday 2019 email marketing campaign. Begin your planning, creating, and testing as soon as possible so that you’re ready to begin arranging your sending procedure.

Keep the following ideas in mind while developing your Black Friday messages:

Create eye-catching subject lines and preheader content.

Make your offer stand out by putting it front and center.

Make your email scannable.

Have a clickable CTA button.