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4 Amazing Referral Emails That Actually Get People to Share

E-commerce emails serve three key functions: engaging the consumer with the brand, confirming receipt or providing information, and inciting a customer to take action. Emails in a referral program must achieve all of this and more.

A good email piques the customer’s interest in both the company and the referral bonus, and it gets them talking and sharing about your business in a manner that pulls in a lot of new consumers.

What exactly are referral emails?

Referral emails are an easy method to inform people about your referral program. Loyal consumers may be powerful advocates for your company. But how can you get your admirers to suggest your product? The solution could be simpler than you think.

Customers may earn incentives via a referral program simply by introducing friends. Don’t be afraid to give out prizes. When suggested by a friend, people are four times more likely to purchase. To spread the news about your referral program, send an explanatory email to your opt-in email list.

Inform your clients about your referral programs

ZooShoo describes the referral prizes and how the program works in detail.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with referral programs, an advocate gets a referral link with an unique offer that they may share with their friends, family, or social network. They earn a reward for each friend recommended or new purchase made in this manner.

This is a mouthful to explain to a client and may clog up the email with a large piece of text. Fortunately, ZooShoo skirts around this issue with a stunning graphic:

The program is explained in emoji-inspired visuals in ZooShoo’s referral email.

A visual explanation clarifies things.

Let’s enlarge the first part of the picture, which is also available on ZooShoo’s refer-a-friend page:

Make a stunning first impression

POPRAGEOUS uses appealing design to tell their brand’s narrative.

First impressions are essential, and POPRAGEOUS, like their leggings, delivers a strong first impression. POPRAGEOUS’ referral emails, like the brand, are bold, vibrant, and eye-catching.

POPRAGEOUS makes you seem fantastic in front of your friends, not only with your outstanding attire, but also by offering them a POPFERRAL so they may look wonderful as well.

Catch your consumer at the appropriate moment

Riff Raff and Company schedule their referral email offer to maximize response rate.

Riff Raff & Co creates child toys that engage three of their most critical senses: sight, touch, and sound. Instead than focusing on their email style, we’ll dissect something unique they do: the timing of their referral offer.

When you finish the checkout process for a purchase, a pop-up displays with their referral offer, and this email is delivered to your inbox:

Riff Raff & Co sends an email to clients shortly after they make a purchase, providing a unique referral benefit. Take notice of the large Share on Facebook button as well.

A proud parent is both a consumer and an advocate.

Assume you’re a new parent. You want nothing but the best for your kid. You’re also likely to know a few other new parents with whom you’ll exchange advice and support. You’ve just purchased a toy comforter that your kid would enjoy—what better time to share it with a friend? And look: if five of them accept your offer, you may receive a spare for free.

Stack the advantages of referrals

For optimal impact, YouFoodz dangles the incentive offerings.

Is it true that there is no such thing as a free lunch? YouFoodz will give you a week of free meals if you recommend three friends. And you’ll see this from the first email they send you:

YouFoodz, like Riff Raff & Co, highlights the most appealing reward tier in both the headline picture and the explanatory graphic. The user will aspire for the huge reward, but if they don’t get three recommendations, they’ll be comforted that they’ll still earn something if they make a successful referral.


Five distinct emails from five distinct companies, each of which focuses on a different component of the customer-brand relationship and customizes the referral email:

  • ZooShoo explained the referral program using emoji-inspired illustrations.
  • POPRAGEOUS used picture, design, and content to make their emails stand out.
  • Riff Raff & Co experimented with email scheduling to capture clients at their most engaged and committed.
  • YouFoodz displayed the three levels of their referral benefits, making each tier seem readily reachable.