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How to Develop a Franchise Marketing Strategy

Running a franchise is a tremendous responsibility.

You have a lot on your plate, from managing financial operations to responding to consumer comments and demands. Marketing is one of those things, whether you like it or not.

We understand. Marketing is not something that everyone loves or understands. However, it is an essential aspect of running any small company or franchise, and it is required to generate traffic and enhance conversions.

This detailed marketing guide on how to establish a franchise marketing plan has been put up by us. We’ll discuss why you need a plan and what actions you can take to get one started. Let’s get started.

  1. Assess your target market
    Evaluate your target market. This is arguably the most crucial thing you can do for your marketing campaign. You must know who you are attempting to market to. Why?

To begin, most firms establish a set of personas based on their clients. This might assist you segment your lists, which is essential for an email marketing plan.

Perform some research on folks who have previously bought from you. Here are some examples of how email lists are routinely split to help you figure out what information you’re searching for:

Geographic division: You may categorize your list by nation, state, or even county (if you’re a local franchise). This is particularly useful if you own many franchisees in the same region.
Age: It is true that spending patterns differ between generations. If the majority of your clients are millennials, you should modify your marketing strategy appropriately.
The channel via which your consumer arrived at your website or location is a vital piece of information. You may, for example, give unique deals to those who discovered you on Facebook.
The methods for segmenting your lists differ, but seek for elements that groups of your consumers have in common to drive your approach. The options are limitless.

You may go to the following phase if you have a clear image of who your clients are.

  1. Create a marketing budget
    You don’t have to invest a lot of money to have a thorough marketing strategy.

To create a marketing budget, first determine where you are in terms of spending and income. How much money can you easily spend on marketing each month?

To put together a marketing budget, start by figuring out where you stand with your expenses and revenue.

It’s fine if you have a low budget. You may need to spend a little more time rolling up your sleeves, but you may still employ these low-cost marketing channels:

Email: Your email list is one of the most valuable pieces of marketing assets you have. Email marketing may produce $38 for every $1 invested in the channel.
Social media: It is free to create a social media presence and communicate with prospective consumers. Create accounts on all accessible platforms and inform people that you are available to answer inquiries.
SEO: With a little work, you may advertise your company by using your website landing pages and blog. Determine which keywords attract the most traffic to your shop and change your website accordingly.
Putting your marketing money into these three channels ensures a successful marketing strategy.

Now, let’s look at marketing channels.

  1. Focus your marketing channels
    You have various marketing options to get your franchise recognized. They will not all have the same success rate, therefore you must choose the finest channels for your firm.

Consider the expense of each marketing channel, the time it will take to get started, and how you will maintain it once it is up and running.

It’s quite acceptable if you don’t feel at ease with some marketing methods. Begin by selecting the channel that makes the most sense to you:

Email promotion
Marketing on social media
Paid advertising
Search engine marketing
Content promotion

Evaluate the cost of each marketing channel

Determine the price of each marketing channel.
After you’ve mastered one marketing channel, you may consider adding others to your strategy. Consider adding video content to your existing email approach.

Let’s move on to the next phase now that you’ve spent time narrowing down the best channels for you.

  1. Create a marketing calendar.
    This is a critical stage. The truth is that you are really busy. You already have a lot on your plate, but ignoring marketing is a bad decision.

You may already use an online calendar; if so, you should know how to set it up to optimize your efficiency. Consider creating a marketing calendar that you check on a daily basis.

If you’re creating an email marketing strategy, this will be critical to your success. Include the following items in your email marketing calendar:

Subject lines: Without a strong subject line, no email marketing plan can succeed. Make a list of ideas and put them on your calendar.
Calls-to-action: A strong call-to-action is essential for increasing conversions. For optimum effect, try to connect your subject line and CTA.
Topics or keywords: The easiest method to remain on top of your email marketing is to forecast the themes or keywords you need to cover in emails over the next week or two.
Keep this updated for at least a week at a time. It would be even great if you could schedule your emails, blogs, and other stuff for a month in advance.

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There’s one more thing you can do before finalizing your marketing strategy.

  1. Think about employing email marketing techniques.
    Not every franchisee will be an expert at marketing (or even like it). This is where marketing tools come into play.

Email marketing solutions, in particular, provide the greatest value to franchise owners. A excellent tool will have a drag-and-drop editor as well as HTML support.

But they do so much more than simply help you to create visually appealing emails. Other functions available in email marketing tools include:

Email marketing automation guarantees that emails are sent on time.
List segmentation ensures that emails are sent to the correct recipients.
Email analytics guarantees that you may improve your email marketing.
What is the significance of email marketing tools? Because emails are what generate traffic.

Wasn’t that simple? You should have the foundation of a good franchise marketing plan in only five easy steps.

Finish up
Learning how to create a franchise marketing plan is simple if you break it down into manageable parts. Let’s go through the three things you need to get done today:

Create an email marketing strategy to maximize its revenue-generating potential.
Spend some time studying the various marketing channels to determine which is ideal for your company.
Investigate email marketing techniques that might save you time while providing excellent results.
Don’t forget to assess your marketing budget and determine where you can earn the most money.